Thursday 27th June, 2019

Our first stop across the border and into Alaska was the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge. I really like the grass roof on the visitor center. How do they mow that????

The Refuge had a very nice free campground and canoe use.

I was the Captain and the crew sat behind.

Take me to the waterlilies.

There were lots in bloom.

They have very intricate stamens.

Moving on to Valdez we passed through some major road construction. Due to permafrost most of the roads buckle up and have potholes and frost heaves. The work crews are on the job 24/7 through the short summer months to try and keep the roads driveable.

This was a pretty smooth section and the snowy mountains beckoned us on.

Valdez was loaded with lupines.

We were crammed in like sardines at the campground.

However the view were spectacular.

Dean made me do this.

Snowy mountains surround this pretty port.

This is a popular halibut fishing area.

There were many big catches.

We chatted with a couple who had taken a fishing trip and were having their 100+ pounds of halibut vacuum sealed and frozen and then shipped to Georgia.

We had a nice hike in the mountains.

This guy demonstrated his skill on his onewheel skateboard. He can travel quite a few miles on one charge.

I needed a little cool down and a patch of snow worked nicely.

The mountain lakes had crystal clear water.

I have never seen so many waterfalls. This one is called bridal veil.

Moving on to Seward.

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16 Responses to Valdez

  1. John Morris says:

    Awesome views, would love a few pounds of that halibut, yummmm! Keep traveling safe!

  2. Maxine Davis says:

    Such beauty! Thanks for the update!

  3. Melvin kirkwood says:

    What a trip! We are glad you have included us in your travels. Life is good on the road . Keep the pictures coming and the updates on the Debbies. How much for a gallon of diesel fuel? see you soon M&M

  4. Janell Wheelock says:

    Hi Fran and Graham…here we go with another Rose and Dean adventure!  Love this one!

  5. Linda Nicolas says:

    Love seeing you guys on all of your travels! Enjoy!!!

  6. Donna says:

    Wow beautiful place by the looks of it, would love some of that halibut. Looks like a trip worth taking.

  7. Robin says:

    Looking fabulous as usual. I was wishing you were with me hiking Mt LeConte. We did it in one day. 14 miles in 8 hours. Chris stayed back and cooked salmon for us so we had something to look forward to after our long day. That was a birthday bucket list item checked off. ☑️ I look forward to planning another. Talking about meeting in Colorado next time and exploring some things around there. Love you both.

    • Congrats on the great sounding hike. I sure like the idea of having someone else fixing the grub after a long day hiking. We are talking about doing Colorado next summer. Gotta get our last two national parks to complete the lower 48. Would be awesome if we could latch up for a bit.

  8. Madhu says:

    Late in commenting, but enjoyed each and every snaps. Your physical strength is osome. Enjoy that youthful exuberance.

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