North Cascades National Park, Washington

Saturday 17th August 2019

We had a lovely week in North Cascades National Park. We had wanted to visit here last year but wildfires in the area put the kibosh on that idea. Thank goodness we have not been near any fires since leaving Alaska.

Our first big hike was a ten miler with 3,000 foot elevation gain. The lovely scenery spurred me on. Our destination was Hidden Lake.

There were plenty of cool shrooms on the wooded area of the trail.

Once we reached higher elevations the flowers started showing their beauty.

From spotted lilies to….

Delicate columbines.

The bees were also enjoying the flowery goodness.

Getting closer to the top of the trail.

I can see why it’s called Hidden Lake, tucked away in the mountain tops. What a great place for lunch.

We needed a laid back day after our burly hike or least my old lady legs did. We wandered around some giant cedar trees. Dean likes to take a rest wherever he can find it.

Yes! I am a tree hugger.

Our campground had several plum trees.

We love free fruit for the picking.

Add a couple of frozen bananas and we had seriously good smoothies.

A bit of plum jam and more smoothie fixings. Score.

Our feet and legs were feeling good so on to lengthy hike number 2.

This beast was a 12 miler and also had serious elevation gain but the views were spectacular.

A couple of wild mountain goats bounded into view. They were so cute.

Dean found a smashing nap spot.

We enjoyed watching the gamboling goats.

I found a flowery bed for my rest.

Time to move on for the last stretch.

We made it to the fabulous top.

One of the goats was waiting for another pic on the way down.

I took a tumble on the last part of the trail and fell on my awesome hiking stick. I felt worse about the busted stick than my scrapes and bruises.

Dean had snagged me a great Agave stalk back in St. George, Utah a couple of years ago. With some wood burning and paint I had a nice blingy hiking stick.

Glue and clamps to the rescue. Thanks Dean for performing life saving surgery on my stick.

Onwards to Mount Rainier.

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18 Responses to North Cascades National Park, Washington

  1. John Morris says:

    The scenery was/is spectacular to say the least. I however,am just as impressed by 22 miles of hiking for you both, AWESOME!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful place! Looks like an awesome hike!

  3. Ron and Merlene Westerbeck says:

    Oh my word!! That is , I do believe, the most beautiful hike I have ever seen! Just stunning !! Makes our hikes look really puney! (is that a word?) You are quite the blogger Rose!
    We are leaving for NY State – (lake George) in few days To meet cousin Donna at their cabin for a week. They say the lake and mountains are beautiful. Her son and family coming who has the boat. they are avid hikers too. We plan on hiking Black Mountain. Have no idea what that is like. But I’m up for it. We are taking 2 days to drive there and 2 days back. Will just enjoy the journey!

    • This area of Washington has some great mountain hiking. We love getting into the alpine zone where all the flowers are. Your trip sounds great. We loved the northern part of New York state. Be sure and let us know how the hike was.

  4. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Wow, what awesome pictures from your hikes! I’m glad for your super looking bodies from all the great outdoor exercise. With my new body parts I could keep up for at least half of what you two do. Dean I might even beat you in a ping pong match! When are you going to swing by our neck of the woods? Would love to see you both in person. Take care. M&M

  5. Donna&tom says:

    Lols like an amazing journey there, your photo are outstanding. We just left Mt Rainer, was there for a family reunion & birthday party, too bad the timing wasn’t a bit better.
    Have a great time

  6. Gina Gluth says:

    You both should have been singing a couple of songs from the ’Sound of Music’ up them there mountains! Love the photographs, keep well. xxGina

  7. Maxine Davis says:

    Glorious pictures!

  8. Robin says:

    Such beauty to behold. I wish I was exploring with you. I will hike my neck of the woods and think of you. Love to you both.

  9. Leroy says:

    Great pics,if you get around the Portland area give us a ring and we’ll meet you for lunch or something. LeRoy

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