Indio, California

Thursday 26th March 2020

This golf course was getting extra detailing done as some professional golfers were stopping by. The greens take some serious watering to keep the desert at bay.

We love hiking in the slot canyons especially when we find new ones to explore.

It sure is fun hiking the curvy…..

and jaggedy canyons!

Finally climbing out of the canyon.

I think I scrunched up rather well in the hole.

Jay came down for a quick visit and of course he and Maya look a lot better in the same hole.

Maya is a real trooper on these canyon hikes. She doesn’t mind being hoisted up or down.

It’s always great hiking with family.

Hiking with friends is pretty awesome too.

Key Ranch is in Joshua Tree National Park and is a ranger guided tour. It used to be owned by a local rancher back in the early 1900’s. He must have had a thing for ovens back in the day.

Al fresco bathroom facilities.

These vehicles just need a bit of tender loving care.

The springs have sprung.

On a more serious note. We hope all our family and friends are keeping well during this difficult time. We were due to leave our RV Resort next week and start heading toward Colorado for the summer but with all the shut downs we plan on staying here for a little while longer. Our park looks like a ghost town. All the Canadians have left and most snowbirds from the northern states. The pools, gym, pickle ball ,tennis and golf facilities have closed down as we have at least one confirmed case of Coronavirus in the park.

We are still able to shop for groceries and the local stores seem to have plenty of fresh produce although they are always out of toilet paper and paper towels. Never any queues at the local liquor stores of course.

Our plan is to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, drink a good amount of red wine and hike alone in the desert until it is safe to move on.

Love and good health wishes to you all dear family and friends.

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29 Responses to Indio, California

  1. Duke and Rhonda says:

    We are at home and fine. We are doing more bike riding and YouTube YMCA 360 exercising. Have a trip to Portugal and Spain booked for May but that will be canceled I imagine. Take care and be safe.

    • Glad you are OK. It sure is a shame about your trip. We had friends in our park who were going to New Zealand. By the time the 2 week quarantine would have ended they would have had 2 days left. There were just hoping to get some kind of refund.

  2. John Morris says:

    Looks like great fun and sounds like a fine plan for the short term. Stay safe and don’t fail to stop by when you cruise through Alabama.

  3. John Morris says:

    Looks like great fun and sounds like a fine plan for the short term. Stay safe and don’t fail to stop by when you cruise through Alabama.

  4. Melvin kirkwood says:

    It’s good to hear all is well with both of you and Jay! I’m sure Dax is fine, good Kirkwood genes! Would love to see you guys, you need to come by when you get close! Keep the good posts coming, we love to take a trip and never spend a penny!

  5. Robin says:

    Rose, it’s good to see you with the dog so close, it must be special…My office is closed and Chris is working from home, thank goodness for that. I’m on a house cleanse, drawers, closets, organizing pictures, gardening, anything to keep busy. All local parks are closed, meaning no bathroom availability, No one can get toilet paper…..what a crazy thing to be short on with this virus…..LOL….We can go hiking, but i have not left home. Running up and down the driveway several times a day….I sure do miss you all, stay safe and healthy….Love you and great big virtual hug….

  6. Maxine Davis says:

    So enjoy your pictures! We are also staying in place for awhile. At least for the month of April.
    Have a fun summer!

  7. Tom Laidlaw says:

    Hi Rose & Dean

    Great pics, and glad to hear you guys are safe and well. Jan and I just got back from New Zealand and are in a 2 week isolation period. We came home one month early, and are glad we did. We had left our RV down in Arizona, so we are staying in our daughter’s trailer until we get through this 2 week period. Can’t get to the cabin because there is still ice on the lake, and not a good time to travel anyway. Still snow here in Calgary, and the slide won’t work on the trailer, but we are managing.

    We had a great trip to Bali, Australia and New Zealand. Even though we had to cut it short we still had over 2 months in NZ. We will tell you all about it the next time our paths cross. As long as the virus has run its course, we should be on our way down to Towerpoint by mid-Oct.


    Tom & Jan

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    • I bet your trip was fabulous. I can’t believe I haven’t been to Australia yet considering i was going to emigrate there when I was 17. Hopefully you can get that slide out to make your stay more comfortable. With the cold weather up there you might be stuck for a while.

  8. Patricia M Clark says:

    So good to get the new post, was getting a little concerned not seeing any thing for you you for too long it seemed….Stay well, Thanks for news of your travels…..Love hearing…..Love your life, Hugs
    and love always

  9. Gina Gluth says:

    Hiya both, so happy to see your pictures again, I know your both well, via our emails, just keep safe all of, lots of love xxxxGina and Eric

  10. Madhu says:

    So happy to see your trips info. We are staying in. Walking for one hour and doing some yoga.
    Stay away from pendamic

  11. Debbi Hanchett says:

    Glad all is well with you guys. Hey I like those photos. 🙂
    Bill has solved the TP problem. I’m loving my new Bidet toilet seat from Costco 👍
    Take care and don’t forget we have a long level driveway with your name on it should you get out this way. 🥰

  12. barbarawitte123 says:

    Thanks guys for the update and the beautiful pictures: wonderful job – like always. I sent you a text message yesterday about our endeavour over the past year – I hope you received it along with some pictures from Vancouver Island . We are hoping that this crazy and stressful time will be over soon and we can travel again to the US : Utah and Colorado are on our bucket list. Stay healthy and a big virtual hug from Barb and Wolfie

  13. John Kirkwood says:

    Please stay healthy

  14. Gina Gluth says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Dean for today 2nd April. Lots of love Gina & Eric xxxx

  15. Gluth says:

    Hi Rose,

    Were very pleased to hear that your are safe and well. Definitely the best thing to do is stay remote and only get supplies from small shops. I got back from a Birding trip to Iceland on March 14th and then spent two weeks confined to the house & garden just in case I caught the virus at the Airport on the way back home. We have been out for a few local walks and everywhere is completely deserted. We’ve done one’click&collect’ from Tesco in Norwich – if you don’t know that one it is an online order bagged up for collect from a remote building in the Superstore car park. So many people are panic buying that it is impossible to get a home delivery. By chance I only got our next ‘click&collect’ by going online at 04:00 after a visit to the loo! The nearest supermarket I can find available for this is a 90 minute drive from here to Wisbech. The world has gone bonkers. After that rant we are all well with the freezer now jam packed with tubs of meals I have made in bulk. As for wine I’m importing directly from Portugal and Germany (with no UK duty to pay!) so we certainly won’t go thirsty. Lots of Love to you both.

    Peter & Mandy 🙂 *HEART* 🙂 *HEART*

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