Moving Down Arizona

Friday 30th October 2020

Goodbye Colorado! We have had a wonderful time hiking in your mountain ranges this summer.

There are several Ancient ruins near Flagstaff.

The National Park Service has done a great job preserving the integrity of the ruins.

I found a nice cool shady spot.

It always amazes me how flowers can grow in adverse conditions. These hardy bloomers are thriving in a lava field.

Montezuma Castle is 100 feet above the valley. I wonder where the escalator attaches to the rock face.

Many shops are back in business. This hair salon was busy.

We took a quick trip up to the Grand Canyon and walked along the rim for a bit.

It never fails to impress.

There are a lot of areas close to Flagstaff that have suffered from wildfires in recent years. I guess there will be many more crispy forests out west after this fiery summer.

Someone creatively attached fallen wood to make a nice comfy bench. I really appreciated the sit down.

On our way south we we stopped for a few days near Phoenix. Hiking in the desert took on a surreal look.

Large swathes of cactus were burned to a nub in this area. Wildfires have taken their toll on so much this year.

We moved down to Yuma for a week. Time for dental work. I had two chipped front teeth and Dean had two disintegrating old crowns to replace. We’ve gotta stay away from the super crunchy stuff.

It was super easy crossing the border and returning was a breeze . Not too many snowbirds in Yuma at the moment.

Most of the people in town were masked up.

The waiting room has some seriously red furniture.

Dr. Ernesto did great work on both of us. We are back to dental goodness.

Finally a nice cool day so we took a hike round Muggins Peak, a few miles east of Yuma. I think we must have hiked round this mini mountain at least 6 times over the years.

I spotted a neat looking barrel cactus growing horizontally out of the cliff. I asked Dean to take a closer look.

He being the good sport scrambled up the rock face to confirm the the spiky succulent was indeed growing out instead of up.

Moving on to Indio California. We will be settled into one campground for the whole winter. It will be the first time we have spent 5 months in one place since we started full time traveling in 2004. I hope I don’t get too twitchy.

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12 Responses to Moving Down Arizona

  1. Maxine Davis says:

    Look forward to your travelogue. You two are awesome!

  2. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Well, now that your down for five months jump on a jet and come spend some time with your brother and sister-in-law here in the best state in the USA. We’ll pick you up at the airport and if you need to go visit anywhere else jump in my ole pickup and off you go. It’s been to long since your last visit. Love ya both, see ya soon!

    • That’s a mighty nice offer brother and sista, however Rose is not getting on a plane any time soon. Back at ya with the offer. Come on down to Southern California this winter. We have will have you beat with the great winter weather in Indio. Pickleball,table tennis, slot canyon hiking and our fabulous company.

  3. John Morris says:

    Great pictures for sure. Maybe you can do some of your crafts and canning, etc, while you’re in one place for that long! Give a yell if you back thru Alabama at any time.

  4. Donna says:

    great to hear from you guys, looks like you continue to be amazed by all there is to see on your travels. Enjoy Indio for the winter, at least you are warm. Stay safe and healthy my friends.

  5. pat clark says:

    You 2 totally amaze me. with all you have done, and seen, these past many years….Have so enjoyed all….. Great photos always’, and all captions.. AND you always look the same, No aging. What a wonderful life you have had….So happy to say. “I Know those people.”” and so happy to say this….Always refer to AZ. , as “My happy place”… Miss those few years living there. Now rely on photos, and memories… film of ice this Am, so winter setting in a bit. Snow level was down quite low, on Santiam pass yesterday. My daughter went over Sun, and some packed snow on top…..Time I guess….Will your sons’ be down for Thanksgiving this year ?? Have wonderful holidays and keep doing all you are able…. Wonderful life, Love you guys, and thank you so much for all sharing your fun trips etc. getting a little tired here , heading for 96 in the spring…Forever in my heart, HUgs and love Patsy


    • Pat, as always we love to hear from you. We look at you as our inspiration for full steam ahead on life and adventure. It sounds like winter has settled already up your way. It finally cooled off down here but thank goodness no snow here in the desert. Stay safe dear friend.

  6. LeRoy says:

    Really enjoy the pictures and glad to have you over for lunch, the soap is awesome,if we get over to Indio we’ll look you up. Enjoy the winter. LeRoy $ Carol

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