Indio Spring

Wednesday 31st March 2021

February was marmalade time. We stopped by Jay’s house and picked all of his oranges.

He gave us lots of lemons too. The park we are staying at had plenty of grapefruit trees.

Since I only had to buy sugar, I felt compelled to make several batches.

Batch one done and dusted. I do enjoy a piece of toast loaded with chunky tart marmalade just like my mom made.

We have been back to the desert slot canyons quite a few times. It’s pretty nice with hardly any people about. Social distancing at its finest. This ladder was on its last death throes.

This metal one had also taken a beating. When it rains in the summer, water whips through these slot canyons and many time busts the ladders into shreds. Hiking clubs in the area always seem to replace them when needed.

Thank goodness some generous person made this steep descent nice and easy with a lovely strong ladder. It was at least 20 feet tall.

We took a drive to Bombay Beach which is by the Salton Sea. Back in the day before the sea started drying up, this whole area used to be a huge holiday resort. Now it’s a smelly, dusty dump.

A few undaunted people still live in hamlets around the toxic sea. It seems a few artists have moved to the area.

A pile of old televisions had a colorful makeover.

I am not quite sure what to make of all the doll body parts attached to the car.

The local drive in theatre looked a bit decrepit.

I liked the way this plane was recycled into a piece of art.

Dean really tried to get this bucking bronc to giddyup. There are quite a few golf courses in the area. It’s amazing to see such lush green manicured courses in the middle of the desert.

We were lucky to see a group of mountain sheep nibbling on a bit of grass. They posed and smiled for a picture.

After Dax saw a picture of me climbing this rope he thought he had better send some emergency equipment.

We are now the owners of some very pretty daisy chained webbing and carabiners. Dax even made us a couple of mini videos on how to make a harness and hitches and also make the elegant daisy chain to keep all the webbing neat and tidy. He also cautioned us not to be crazy old people getting trapped in a canyon with no escape.

Jay gave us some old climbing rope so Leslie, Stuart, Dean and I decided to do some repair work on the rope hike. You know it’s gonna be fun when someone has sprayed danger on the rock face.

This rope was badly frayed at the top.

New strapping, rope and some plastic hose made it a lot safer.

Several other ropes got some tender loving care as well.

The Ocotillo have started blooming. Not much else though as it has been a really dry winter here in the desert.

We had a nice hike in Joshua Tree National Park. Some of these trees get really big. They are actually members of the Agave family.

The mountains got quite a bit of snowfall but the desert floor has stayed very dry this winter.

The campground we are staying in has flower beds all over. Petunias and snapdragons seem to be the flower of choice.

A couple of ladies spend hours every day keeping all the beds weeded.

Hiking and eating great meals with our good friends Leslie and Stuart have made this long Covid winter zip by.

We have both had our double dose of the Pfizer vaccine and feel pretty healthy. Everyone is still masking up when shopping but now more people are getting vaccinated and places are opening up. Better times ahead!

Our plan is to move slowly up the California coast and then into Oregon to visit family and friends. We hope to spend some time hiking in the Cascade Mountains in Washington and then head back down south via the Oregon coast. It will be nice to see some grass again.

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12 Responses to Indio Spring

  1. Carol Cottrell says:

    Hello it’s nice to see you guys having fun we haven’t seen you in at least 10 years please stay safe

    Jim and carol Cottrell Sent from my iPad


  2. barbarawitte123 says:

    Thanks for the amazing blog and the gorgeous pictures ! Did you really climb up that rope ? I think 🤔 you have to teach me doing it 😉! You must be in amazing shape! Please keep a jar of that delicious marmalade for us – I loved it last time when you gave it to me – I just grate some fresh ginger over the top … so yummy ! We just booked a spot in Canyon Vista from October until March and are praying and hoping that the borders will be open again soon. We don’t even know when we will get our shots ? Oh Canada 🇨🇦!!! It was a long and cold winter here in Nova Scotia but we are hoping that better times will come soon . Stay healthy and positive and we hope to see you again soon. Cheers from Wolfie ( he still keeps the Bronze Medal on the wall that he won with you in GC 🤗) and Barbara

    • We sure have been lucky staying warm in Southern California over the winter. We are hoping to stay the month of December in the Phoenix area. Not sure where yet. Will be awesome to see you guys and catch up. Wolfgang I will save you a jar of marmalade.

  3. Donna says:

    Looks like you guys have been having a great time, I miss the desert. Tom said he’ll take a jar of your delicious marmalade, he remembered the first jar you gave him.
    The hikes you two do are always a great adventure, not sure about that ladder though.
    Enjoy the next leg of your travels, I think of you guys often.
    Donna & Tom

  4. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Thank you for another tour of your travels. Life seems to be good on the trails you both love to travel. We sure appreciate all of the good pictures you share with us. We look forward to a reunion soon. Safe travels!

  5. John kirkwood says:

    Barb and. I look forward to every post. And when we are finally able to return back to the
    States will gladly extend the invitation to
    Host you in Virginia
    John and Barb Kirkwood

  6. johnsrod1226gmailcom says:

    Love getting your blog. Looks like you’re having a fun time.

    Are you coming through Silverton? Would love to see you guys. Rod

    On Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 11:23 AM THE BUS STOPS HERE wrote:

    > Rose and Dean’s Travels posted: ” Wednesday 31st March 2021 February was > marmalade time. We stopped by Jay’s house and picked all his oranges. He > gave us lots of lemons too. The park we are staying at had plenty of > grapefruit trees. Since I only had to buy sugar, I felt ” >

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