California Coast

Sunday 16th May 2021

It took a month to slowly move up the California coast. We were looking forward to visiting Venice Beach. It’s very quirky and a great place to people watch. What a disappointment! Many streets had homeless people camped out on the paths.

The strip where all the usual entertainers and artists worked was crowded with shelters and tents.

Even the beach was tent city. What a shame to see so many people living in such dire straits.

At least the trees looked cool.

We had a fun week in Santa Barbara. Biking…

and hiking on the beach.

The city had closed the Main Street to traffic and all the restaurants had expanded their seating areas into the road. It was a great idea and we hear that it will be kept that way at least through the summer. The restaurants were doing a cracking business. We tried to help the local economy with a bit of eating and drinking.

Even dogs were welcome.

The eucalyptus trees were blooming in all shades of pink.

This Coral tree was so pretty. The branches had no leaves, just vivid red flowers.

We did a little inland hiking. It was early April and already the hills were browning up. I sure hope the west coast is not plagued with wildfires this summer.

We moved up to Morrow Bay for a week. We have been here so many times it feels like a second home.

We always enjoy walking around the harbor. There were plenty of sea otters lounging about in the kelp beds. A few had babies resting on mums tummy.

A really cold front whipped through and I had to dig out my 1 pair of trousers. Can’t remember the last time I had any on, it’s been several years. Thank goodness I was able to repack them after a couple of days.

This bronze seat was a real eye catcher.

Springtime at Montana de Oro state park is usually a huge expanse of yellow and gold. This pic is from 2006.

This year it looks quite drab. I think global warming is taking it’s toll.

We finally arrived in Oregon. We had to put the motorhome in a garage for a few days to have some repair work done. Luckily our good friends Calleen and Jon made us welcome in their house and we had a great visit.

The motorhome had a malfunctioning lock on a bay door. Since Jon seems to own every tool known to mankind he was able to help Dean fix the problem.

Calleen has a soft touch for this pet rabbit that has run wild for several years. Of course his name is Peter.

We finally got the camper back and fit very nicely in the covered slot that Jon and Calleen let us stay in on our stops through Grants Pass. Thanks guys for our stay at the “Jordon” RV Resort.

The beast is now in good working order so we are moving up Oregon. Get your mum hugging arm limbered up lads. Will be seeing you shortly.

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14 Responses to California Coast

  1. Maxine Davis says:

    So good seeing you!

  2. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Good to see you both fit and going strong. It’s tough to see the homeless all across the country, we have the same here and getting worse. I know the boys will be exited to see you both, give them hugs from us also. I hope we can get together some time this year.

  3. Gina Gluth says:

    Hi Both, could only see a difference with the flowers in that picture from 2006 to this year, your still looking good Rose, so does Dean. Our restaurants/pubs and cafes are opening up today for us to go indoors, the weather has been dreadful so folk have been sitting in their winter coats and some pubs have erected marquees outside. We shall now be able to stay overnight at Kev & Karen’s, just don’t know when we’ll be able to go to Australia to see Alex. Give the boys our love and hope they are both keeping well. Stay safe and healthy you two. Lots of love Gina & Eric xxxx

    • So happy to hear stuff is opening up over there. We have been informed that fully vaccinated don’t have to wear masks anymore. Some stores are still requiring it. All very confusing. Hopefully will be sorted soon. Both lads have had their shots. In fact it sounds like the only people not vaccinated are doing so by choice. Maybe they should be required to wear the masks.
      I bet you enjoying some grandkid time at last. Just heard from a friend in Australia and she is not able to get first vax till June. They must have a lower supply than we have here. Keep your fingers crossed you might be spending this coming winter with Alex and family.

  4. John Morris says:

    The trips are always great to hear about. There is sad news here on the home front. Donna had an ischemic stroke on Jan. 10 and passed away on the 11th. We were 24 days short of our 54th anniversary. It’s hard imagining being without her. Keep posting they are always interesting with beautiful pictures. John

  5. Lennard Jorgensen says:

    You guys are living the dream!! As you can deduce, we finally hooked into your blog, Rose. Whoohoo…!

  6. Madhu says:

    As always enjoyed your travel log and photos. Keep them coming. Hope the boys remember us. Age is catching up on us.

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