Oregon Coast

Sunday 19th September 2021

We spent a few weeks traveling down the Oregon coast. The weather was pretty decent most of the time. Depoe Bay is always a nice stop. The worlds tiniest harbor is only 6 ½ acres. We had some really nice fish and chips too.

Yaquina Head lighthouse in Newport is very photogenic. Due to Covid, all the lighthouses are closed. At least we could enjoy walking around the outside.

Yaquina Bay bridge was undergoing some repair and cosmetic work. The giant white bandage moves along after each area is sandblasted.

You can’t stop in Newport and not visit the Rogue Brewery. There are so many taps, even a cider.

Nothing like a refreshing brew after a long bike ride.

What do you get with a bunch of sticks…

a cardboard box…

…and some wild Alaskan salmon filets. (It was on sale at the superrmarket)

That’s right a smoker. After a quick brine the salmon got peppered and placed on racks on the picnic table to get pellicaled up. Then into the fancy smoker.

After a few hours we had some delicious smoked salmon. Since we live full time in our camper we have learned to be creative when it comes to fixing grub.

Our good friends Calleen and Jon came to Florence to have some fun with their Razor on the Oregon Dunes and they invited us along for a ride.

There are over 31,000 thousand acres of sand dunes to explore. This sand rivals Florida in the fine pale yellow grains. What a fun time we had.

Florence in all it’s foggy beauty. The Suislaw River bridge made a nice backdrop.

In Coos Bay we were invited to stay at the Beechly RV Resort. We sure appreciate those nice big driveways. I like to think we make good guests since we bring our own house with us.

We had a nice hike along the Bluff in Charleston. I think we must have done this hike 20 times over the past 25 years or so.

There were several beautiful sunsets. It was very relaxing to sit on Linnae and Eric’s deck with an adult beverage enjoying the view and of course conversation.

Thanks so much Linnae and Eric for your wonderful hospitality. we give your ‘resort’ a 5 star rating.

We have not seen many people on the Southern Oregon beaches. It might be because the water is freezing. Add a brisk wind and social distancing takes care of its self.

Even the Cedar trees are big out west.

This fallen cedar made a nice resting spot.

Walking along the beach in Brookings I saw such a variety of seaweedy stuff.

This lot looks like it belongs on an Alien planet.

There are so many sea stacks along the coast in southern Oregon. The surf makes great pounding sounds hitting all those rocks.

It has been fun Oregon Coast, but now we must start heading inland. Our next big destination stop is Great Basin National Park on the border of Nevada and Utah. Since Northern California and Southern Oregon have been on fire for the last several weeks/months we will have to try and plan a route to dodge the smoke. Thank goodness our house has wheels.

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12 Responses to Oregon Coast

  1. Maxine Davis says:

    You two are awesome!! Love your travels. Love your hikes. Love your pictures!

  2. John amorris says:

    Love reading and seeing posts about your adventures/travels!!

  3. Terri Garmon says:

    Stay safe. Continue having a wonderful time.

  4. Ray McGrath says:

    Wonderful! Miss you guys and hope to catch up soon😎

  5. Donna & Tom says:

    Looks like a great trip, thanks for taking us along. Hugs

  6. So much more interesting than Lewis & Clark ! I appreciate the normalcy of your daily life, whether it be an improvised elegant smoker or making soap for your boys. And even a photo of the Beechlys – whoop, woop ! Nice photography as usual.

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