March in Indio

We had a pretty nice month in Indio until it started heating up. When the temp hits the 90’s I turn into wimpy girl.

We were lucky to have a family visit. We took cousins Candice and Lennard on our favorite slot canyon hike.

They had a good time squeezing through the slots.

It’s always a thrill coming down this very tall ladder.

Our usual lunch stop at the dragonfly.

We had such a great time! There are plans for a repeat next winter.

We had a pleasant bike ride around Palm Springs and stopped to check out Marilyn. For once some one had bigger feet than me.

I wish I looked that good in heels.

We thought this car made a nice backdrop for our bike heads.

It was getting too toasty to do much around the neighborhood so we drove up a few thousand feet to snag a piece of the Pacific Crest Trail. There were quite a few through hikers on the trail.

We had to have a pic of this pup which looks very similar to my granddog Maya. These 2 dogs were better equipped than us. Talk about stylin’

I have a soft spot for pinecones, especially if they are nice and burly. I would have kept one but Dean refused to lug the very heavy, spiky, and sticky monster back for me.

As we leave Indio we start on our EPIC JOURNEY 2022. This year we both turn 70 and will have been together 50 years. Whaaaat!!! It only seems like a minute ago we looked like this,

and this

Actually our “legal marriage” fiftieth is next year, but since we lived together for the first year I am counting that. Especially since the 70-50 sounds so good in my head.

Here is the actual marriage at the ripe old age of 21. My good friend Rhonda loaned me the lovely wedding dress.

It sounded like a good time to bust out and splurge on a mega trip. Last winter we tossed the idea around of a visit to the Galapagos, or somewhere else exotic. But, with the COVID and travel uncertainty we eventually decided on driving back to Alaska and hit the highlights we missed in 2019. We had to leave early in 2019 because a lot of the state was on fire.

Our great friends, Leslie and Stuart are gonna travel with us so we will have a nice big convoy of 2 motorhomes with tow cars (10-4 good buddy). We have never traveled with another couple before so being joined at the hip will be interesting. Luckily we are all very compatible. Stuart and I are a little bit crazy and Leslie and Dean have the calming influence which keeps us on track. Sounds like fun time for all of us!

Our plan is to amble our way up the California coast, spend some time in Oregon (gotta see my nippers) before driving into the beautiful FRIENDLY country of Canada for a leisurely meander through British Columbia and Yukon before entering Alaska.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that we don’t get snowed, rained, smoked or other crazy weather patterned out. Also it would be very nice if our rigs didn’t conk out during the journey.

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15 Responses to March in Indio

  1. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Wow, so good to see you two looking so healthy for the jump into the 70s! It sounds like a good trip ahead, I’m sure the beast is up for the trip, maybe the fuel will be cheaper through Canada. Be safe, keep sending the updates as you journey! M&M

  2. Anonymous says:

    You guys were so cute in your younger years and you still are today. Enjoy your trip to Alaska. Post lots of pics!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It was great to get to have lunch with you two ! I just love the early day photos. You have barely aged you two!! :). Safe travels to Alaska. Bring back some amazing seafood.
    Bill and Deb

  4. John Morris says:

    I hope you two write a travelogue book! Put me the list fir a first edition, autographed of course!!

  5. Barbara Witte says:

    Hello you two adventurers 👍. Beautiful pictures again – thanks for sharing them with us! We got “Pumpkin” finally through the stressful import procedure and since today “ Pumpkin” is an AZ insured vehicle ! Hard to believe after 6 months of stressful paperwork and endless phone calls! We are still in GC and enjoy being here together with all our jeeping and pb friends. We are very excited to hear about your endeavour to travel through Canada and your trip to Alaska ….. still a priority on our bucket list 👍. If you come close to Vancouver Island let us know please ….. eventually there is time for a visit 👏! Keep us posted and stay healthy and safe travels ! Big hugs and lots of love coming your way from Barbara and Wolfie ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. So good to see you guys! Safe travels and looking forward to hearing all about your next adventures 🙂

  7. dennisgun says:

    Welcome to the 70’s, it looks good on you two! Fun to look back at our young selves and appreciate what it took to get here. I’m expecting a call when you move up this way and a brief chance to catch up. Safe travels, Nice Weather and Cheers to you both. Gus and Georgia

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