Tuesday June 14th 2020

Sorry if you recently received a post with nothing on it. I accidentally pressed the wrong button. Definitely a senior moment.

We are finally on our journey to Canada and Alaska. Our first stopover after passing through the border was Kelowna.

This area is famous for its Trestle trail which has been converted from an old railroad. We biked through tunnels and over trestles. We love Rails to Trails.

Stuart was pleased to have this Kelowna park named after him.

Dean had driven a tractor similar this John Deere back when he was a kid. It ran on kerosene.

The only machine I ever rode was a bicycle, but I would have liked to give this mini a spin round the garden.

It took three of us to figure out how to use the parking meter.

The guys discussing the intricacies of darts.

My bike mechanic keeps our electric bikes in tip top shape.

This particular campground had a good size rhubarb patch and the camp owner said help yourself. That’s all I needed to hear.

This is one of several batches. We will be enjoying stewed rhubarb and rhubarb crumble for the next couple of weeks.

We had to snuggle up in this camp spot.

Laird Hot Springs is a must do on the British Columbia section of the Alaska Highway. It has the second largest natural hot springs in Canada and is actually a river of hot water,

We had a nice long soak in the toasty water which we really needed after juggling the rigs into that tight parking spot.

There were quite a few Bison strolling around the edges of the road. It was fun to watch the calves jumping about.

Plenty of black bears were enjoying the new growth on the verges.

Another required stop is the Signpost Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon. I think there might be at least 100,000.

Stuart wanted to add the 100,001 sign. We got out the ladder and screwdriver and now the forest has a nice green license plate from Vermont.

We had one nice day in Whitehorse and made the most of it with a great hike on Grey Mountain. There were a few snowy bits to manoeuvre through.

The views from the top were pretty stellar with snowy mountains all around us.

Whitehorse is also famous for having the worlds largest weather vane. We thought it was a joke but we actually saw the plane turning in the breeze.

Onwards to Alaska!

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6 Responses to O CANADA

  1. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Looks like you four are having to much fun! Keep your travels coming our way, we love the pictures and the comments that go along with each one Rose! Hope we can get together soon.

  2. Jon and Calleen-Oregon says:

    How fun!!! Glad you folks are having a great trip.— Jon and Calleen

  3. Merlene says:

    Love the update and photos! You guys continue to live your dream! We just got back from Minita’s this week! Had a great time! Did a lot of hiking and several road trips during the 2 weeks we were there! Hope you have a wonderful journey! Stay safe!
    Love you both

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