Thursday 28th July 2022

I thought this map was interesting. It really gives you an idea of the vastness of Alaska. The US purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867 for the bargain price of $7.2 million dollars. What a deal!

Crikey! My whole country fits in at least 6 times .

Hoop net fishing opened up at Kenai. It looked like everyone gutted their salmon and tossed the innards in the surf. The seagulls were thrilled with the easy grub.

Alaskan citizens were the only ones allowed to fish with these huge nets. Two salmon limit each per day. 25 for head of household and 10 extra for each dependent per year. Even though “The Hoopers” were packed closely together we saw dozens of salmon being hauled in.

This lady had just caught her last fish of the day.

These kids were trying to stay warm, and having fun doing it.

The local store had a great deal on fresh sockeye salmon. That’s our kind of fishing. Dean is practicing his filleting skills after a lesson from Stuart.

Guess what’s for dinner tonight, and yes Jay, we have saved you a fillet.

We stayed nearly two weeks in Homer and it rained a good portion of that time. In between the showers we managed to have some fun times.

The Salty Dog Saloon was quite interesting. It’s been in operation since 1957 when Alaska was still a territory.

The whole interior walls and ceiling are covered with dollar bills.

The inside had such low ceilings, and was packed, so we had a beverage in their patio area.

Alaskans know how to recycle their wellies and …….


Leslie was a good sport and posed for me.

A great hike across the bay at Kachemak Bay State park required a front loader boat. We felt like troops being offloaded in the brisk surf.

After a nice trek through the forest we took the self propelled tram across the river just for fun.

Well, I had fun as I supervised the pulling and pushing of the tram. It took 6 trips back and forth.

I had a nice relaxing trip. Thanks guys.

We had told Leslie and Stuart about all the icebergs on Grewlingk Lake. Thank goodness there were plenty of bergs to admire. I asked everyone to cosy up with a berg. I think I gave my berg the most love.

Homer still retains it’s quirky housing vibe with multi story condos..

and single story deluxe houses.

There were also plenty of fixer uppers.

We finished our stay in Homer with a fun Pickleball tournament in the basement of the local rec center.

A great way to spend our last day.

Fireweed is blooming everywhere.

Onwards towards Denali National Park.

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8 Responses to ALASKA #2

  1. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Thanks for another trip without leaving the couch! I’m glad for your adventures with some good friends! Keep the great pictures coming Rose. Be safe,looking forward for your Danali pictures! M&M

  2. John Morris says:

    Always looks interesting and fun and informative! Fantastic trip!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey you guys – thanks again for the wonderful pictures and comments! Now we get a better picture of Alaska – one day we might be ready to go there and explore! What is your itinerary on your way back to Oregon ? Would you have time for a visit here on Vancouver Island ? The beast can stay on the mainland – we have a guest “ suite” ready for you 👍. Right now we have very hot weather here in BC – but next week looks much nicer again ! Can’t wait to get your next blog about Denali National Park. Stay safe and have fun exploring ! Cheers from Barb and Wolf

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