Belated Salutations for the Holiday Season.

Wednesday 4th January 2023

We have been quite busy giving the Beast a good cleanup up inside and out. Its amazing how much dirt manages to creep inside especially after driving over lots of gravel roads on our trip through Canada and Alaska.

Roof done! time for an adult beverage.

After washing the sides we could see all the dings and scratches. Dean buffed out some of the lighter scratches and took it upon himself to You Tube: “How to touch up the paint”. He even mastered the art of paint feathering! He has done a great job and now the Beast looks pretty sharp.

We had planned on buying a new SUV on our way south but the prices are terrible with huge markups, and that is if you can even lay your hands on one.

Beauty had a seizure on the trip back through Oregon and needed a lung transplant. Since a new vehicle was off the books for a while we decided to have her operated on. Dean usually does all the fixits on her,(You Tube again) but this surgery required an operating room. New tires, and a good cleanup and she looks like a diva. Not bad for nearly nineteen years and over 350,000 miles driving and towing.

We have managed to get in a few hikes so far.

There are so many holes to stick your head through.

It’s good to be back hiking with Leslie and Stuart.

We are hoping to explore some new stuff this winter but still enjoy the old favorites.

I know we have self driving vehicles on the road but when this car pulled up next to us at a light we did a double take.

The RV park has been invaded by raccoons. They are big and kinda scary as they show no fear. Stuart has even found raccoon poop on his engine. The park finally started setting out cage traps and hopefully the masked beasts will be evicted.

We have taken a few bike rides around the local area. This ride was to check out murals.

I think I’m in love.

Dean and Kent gave a nice military salute at the Vietnam War Memorial. They are both Vietnam Veterans.

I was ready to spread my wings.

The last time we went to the Movies was to see Avatar in 2009. Since Avatar 2 just came out we decided to have a repeat. This theatre had the most comfy reclining seats I have ever seen. The 3d glasses made the film very enjoyable.

I am enjoying tending my Petunia and Geranium garden.

Dean and I wish you a happy and healthy 2023.

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10 Responses to Belated Salutations for the Holiday Season.

  1. Beautiful Rose!
    Hope to do a bicycle ride or hike soon with you guys.
    Cindy & Ray

  2. Anonymous says:

    A belated Happy Holidays to you guys as well.
    Duke and Rhonda

  3. The Offers says:

    Well done! Happy to be together again!

      • 423-280-9069 says:

        Everything you do looks like a great feeling! I don’t get on the computer – but its raining today and I got on to look for a cookie recipe I got at the bed and breakfast we stay at a couple times a year. And there you were ” The Bus stops here”! Needless to say I forget about any recipe and read your post!
        Thoroughly enjoyed it! The Beast looks brand new! The upkeep you guys pursue, the TLC, is well worth the time. Thanks for the lovely post- Till next time! We love you guys and look forward to seeing you in April!

      • Get ready for some Rose hugging.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Happy new year and happy travels. I miss you both and it would be lovely to see you this year. Love you bunches! Robin

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