Thursday 13th April 2023

It’s been quite a while since I posted a blog. The winter just seemed to whip by and we didn’t do anything too exciting, plus it was also the coldest and windiest winter for many years in Southern California.

Our smoked salmon supply ran out. I was happy to catch some nice wild caught at the local store.

This should keep us going over the summer.

We managed a few hikes when it wasn’t too windy.

We also scouted a new route but have to wait until next winter after we pick up some extra rope.

This was fun until I bashed a rib on the rock. I am just now recovering after 3 weeks.

Southern California had record snowfall. The mountain range north of Palm Springs managed to collect a good amount.

In the valley we had some rain instead which really helped the Spring bloom.

A nice bike ride to check out some desert art.

Those teeth are really sharp.

We had a picnic sitting among these desert beauties. What a lovely day.

Dean and I started out on our big journey for this year. We have a giant loop mapped out.

Our first major stop was San Antonio Texas to visit our friends Linda and Nick.

They haven’t changed a bit since 1984. We had so many fun parties when we were all stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

This is what a beef rib looks like in Texas.

Gnawed to the bone.

Bucc-ees is a Texas phenomenon. Only in this state could you have a fuel station with a fudge making station and…

…..a BBQ station.

To say nothing of the dedicated Jerky counter!

The pay scale looked pretty decent too.

On to Houston and a meet up with our golden oldie friends Rhonda and Duke. We met these guys in 1972 in Madrid Spain. We also had some great parties. I seem to remember making Sangria in mop buckets. Nothing much has changed except…

….a slightly different hair color.

It’s Springtime in Texas and that means Bluebonnets. This species of lupine is the Texas state flower. We found a patch that also had a nice display of Texas Paintbrush which matched my shirt quite nicely.

We are all about color coordination with those ‘bonnets

Our next stop was Dallas. The last of our Texan friends Deb and Bill have a lovely loooong driveway which made a great camp spot for the night.

Thanks guys for a delicious dinner and great company.

Onwards to Arkansas.

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7 Responses to SPRING HAS SPRUNG

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great blog with great photos! So glad you got to visit with all your Texas buddies! Loved seeing the flowers colors were awesome! Miss you guys! ❤️

  2. dennisgun says:

    Is that you two with the Red Sox and red shoes ?

    Great vintage photos of whomever.


  3. Donna & Tom says:

    I mentioned to Tom that I was just thinking about you the other evening, and wondered how you were doing, as you had not posted recently, as you mention. Your travels look like a fun time with friends and new experiences, travel safely and enjoy as you always do. Donna and Tom.

  4. Tina Shabo says:

    Love all of this!

  5. merlene says:

    Just found this!!! Made me smile all the way through! Love your pics love your stories and love that we got to see you a few weeks ago!! What fun and memories ! ! Love you

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