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Saturday March 16th 2019 We have arrived back into the United States after a 6 week trip into Baja Mexico. Thankfully our southern neighbors made us very welcome. As you can see there is plenty of wall at the border … Continue reading

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Yuma, Arizona

Thursday 31st January 2019 Our month stay in Yuma has gone by pretty fast. It was a project month. We recovered both our sofas. After 11 years the old beasts interior was getting a bit bashed up. So we ordered new “skins” for … Continue reading

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Indio, California

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Southern California

Monday 3rd December 2018 We love coastal hiking.  Blue skies, crashing waves and plenty of seals and sea otters to watch. There are so many white herons on the southern California coast. I have no idea what this is but … Continue reading

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Saturday 3rd November 2018 Just a glimpse of Mount Shasta as we head south. We had a nice day out at Lassen National Park. A couple miles up the trail we came across this pretty little waterfall. One lonely Scarlet … Continue reading

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Sunday 30th September 2018 I finally got some son hugging time. We had a super couple of weeks visiting with Dax and Monique. Demonstrating some yogary skills. I gave Monique a soap making lesson and she looks pretty happy with … Continue reading

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Moving towards Oregon

Thursday August 30th 2018  We had a few nice days at Glacier National Park.  The flowers were mostly finished but there was still some snow left on the Mountains. We were lucky to miss the smoke from some wildfires in … Continue reading

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Thursday July 19th, 2018 We passed through a corner of Idaho on our way to Wyoming and passed several fields of blooming Rape. That’s quite a bit of cooking oil right there. Jackson Hole was interesting to walk around although … Continue reading

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Westward Ho!

Sunday 1st July  2018 We had a great trip into Canada to visit with our good friends Jan and Tom.  They own their own island near Minaki, Ontario.  We travelled to the island in their zippy speedboat.  Their summer house … Continue reading

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Eastwards and Upwards

Saturday 9th June 2018 Driving through Iowa bought back fond memories for Dean.  He lived in this house in State Center for a few years as a small chil.  His parents owned the large house next door and ran a … Continue reading

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