Traveling South to Arizona

Sunday 31st October 2021

The coast of Oregon is green (It must be all the rain and fog that reminds me of England). Eastern Oregon high desert is pretty barren and brown. (Probably because it hardly ever rains). Washington, Oregon, and California have such wonderfully diverse terrains and climates. From seasides to lush valleys and snowy mountains to high deserts. We had a nice stopover in the middle of nowhere. Lovely and quiet.

There’s not much traffic on highway 50 in Nevada. I guess that’s why it’s called the loneliest highway in America. That definitely suits us.

We had a quick stopover in Ely Nevada to have full hookups. That pesky cleaning and laundry has a way of catching up with us. Charcoal Ovens State Park still looks good. Nice to see nothing vandalized in such a remote park.

The smoky haze from so many recent wildfires had mostly gone by the time we arrived at Great Basin National Park. We love this park! It seems everyone else does too, as our usual first come first served campsites, are now all reservation only and booked solid. We did manage to find one spot after a trek on gravel roads, and squeezing the beast through a maze of undergrowth. We stayed 5 lovely sunny days. Since it is so isolated and at high elevation (7500-10,000 ft) this park is a great place to stargaze. We enjoyed looking at the Milky Way in a massive starry sky. There were quite a few satellites zipping by as well. My iPhone refused to give me a useable star pic but then again I am just a point and shoot pic taker.

It’s always a good feeling to hug a three thousand year old Bristlecone Pine Tree. I felt like a young nipper.

At over ten thousand feet elevation, the Bristlecone trees were pretty small on this exposed ridge. It’s hard to compete with the savage winters here. We had a lovely lunch spot next to these minis.

Dean just had to outdo me and snuggle up to a tree dated over three thousand five hundred years.

There are quite a few Aspen groves in the park, and many trees had already shed their leaves. This one had a cool looking trunk though.

I don’t know what this rock is made of, but it just looked good.

I appreciate a sit down now and then.

We did a hike at lower elevation and found a lovely Aspen grove to have our lunch and rest.

St. George in Southern Utah was our next stop. I really wanted a new walking stick and this is the perfect harvesting area for Utah Agave stalks.

Sawing off the spiky base.

The seed pods are next to go.

SCORE!!!! Three good possibles. We will store these until we get to our long layover in Phoenix, and then hopefully, one of these stalks will be be magically transformed into a Rose hiking stick.

A great day out.

After a whopping 64 mile drive we stopped for a few days at Pipe Spring National Monument. There was a very nice and cheap campground on the Kaibab Tribal Lands next to the Monument. Full hookups and good wifi. Yeah baby!

The fortified ranch house at Pipe Spring was built by Mormon settlers in 1870. It enclosed a large spring which caused major problems for the local Kaibab Paiute Native Americans. Cut off from the water they suffered greatly for many years. The buildings and spring became a National Monument in 1923.

The bedrooms looked pretty comfy.

Dean was thinking about dinner.

The spring is still pumping out water.

We managed to squeeze in a nice easy slot canyon hike.

I found a cozy nook for a rest.

Of course Dean had to outdo me.

The remnants of this ladder were lodged about 20 feet above the canyon floor. Note to self, always check to make sure no recent rainfall in slot canyon areas we might think about hiking.

After another massive 87 mile drive it was time for a couple of days rest in Page, Arizona. Glen Canyon Dam always look impressive. The visitor center is still closed but we could at least walk on the bridge. The water level doesn’t look too bad here.

Lake Powell is drying up quite a bit though. It is down over 50 feet just this year. The water level should be a long way up this road. Forget about oil, the West coast needs a water pipeline coming from the East coast. Maybe we could have a reverse pipeline and send some of our nice dry air to offset the Eastern humidity.

Our usual free parking spot to hike to Horseshoe Bend is now paid parking with several pay booths. It’s a very popular area with a steady stream of tourists.

We decided to save the $10 parking fee (wine money), and hiked from town over slick rock terrain. We actually found a rock guide that helped navigate us several miles. The 9 mile roundtrip was really interesting with lots of great views. The wine tasted pretty good as well after the hike.

Dean cautiously wiggled up to the edge of the cliff.

He got a great pic of the Colorado River at the aptly named Horseshoe Bend.

It’s been a fun trip south. We will be in Mesa (suburb of Phoenix) for the next 3 months. Would love to meet up up if you might be coming this way over the winter.

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Southern Comfort

Monday 29th May 2023

Spring has the Dogwood trees busting out all over.

Little Rock, Arkansas had a tornado whip through a couple of weeks before we arrived. Our campground had a lot of damage.

One camper would be totally destroyed and the next one untouched.

At least the State Capitol was undamaged.

Bill looks so young. I guess he didn’t start going grey until he was in the White House.

It was $8 for a shoe shine. I wonder what a Chaco sandal would cost.

On to Louisville and the sibling reunion. We came from California, Oregon, Illinois and Tennessee for a great week of catching up. It had been 8 years since our last get together. Even though we are all aging like fine vintage wines, we better not wait that long again. That slippery downhill slope is getting slicker!

Louisville had beautiful brand new pickle ball courts. It was time to give the whole group some lessons. Everyone made good progress. We are hoping they will keep it up.

Thanks for the quality family time. We had a smashing time with everyone of you!

We travelled down Eastern Kentucky for a couple of weeks. There were some really nice rails to trails bike rides. Whoever came up with this idea for a covered bridge was thinking outside the box.

Umbrella Alley was cool. Luckily one of the few days without rain.

This Box Turtle was very friendly.

New River Gorge in West Virginia was designated a National Park in 2020. It is the 47th park in the lower 48 States. We have seen the other 46 over the years. After several days of hiking in the park, we can now check this one off.

We hiked a trail to get a view of Horseshoe bend. It was very nice but…..

… is a real Horseshoe bend. This one is near Page, Arizona.

Rhododendrons are the state flower of West Virginia and they were on full display in the park.

There was some major Rose screaming when this black snake slipped around my ankle and foot! It had been hiding at the base of the tree,

Dean snagged a pic of the escaping slithering serpent.

We have seen quite a bit of wildlife on our bike rides This baby raccoon was resting on the side of a trail we rode today.

Another black snake resting on the trail. Yikes! these reptiles are everywhere. I ran over a smaller one by accident. We went back to check on it and thank goodness he was OK.

Mountain laurels and wild roses are blooming along many of the bike trails. Flowers are always a Rose pleaser.

Thanks Arkansas, Kentucky and West Virginia. We enjoyed your southern hospitality. Moving upwards to the Michigan Peninsula next.

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Thursday 13th April 2023

It’s been quite a while since I posted a blog. The winter just seemed to whip by and we didn’t do anything too exciting, plus it was also the coldest and windiest winter for many years in Southern California.

Our smoked salmon supply ran out. I was happy to catch some nice wild caught at the local store.

This should keep us going over the summer.

We managed a few hikes when it wasn’t too windy.

We also scouted a new route but have to wait until next winter after we pick up some extra rope.

This was fun until I bashed a rib on the rock. I am just now recovering after 3 weeks.

Southern California had record snowfall. The mountain range north of Palm Springs managed to collect a good amount.

In the valley we had some rain instead which really helped the Spring bloom.

A nice bike ride to check out some desert art.

Those teeth are really sharp.

We had a picnic sitting among these desert beauties. What a lovely day.

Dean and I started out on our big journey for this year. We have a giant loop mapped out.

Our first major stop was San Antonio Texas to visit our friends Linda and Nick.

They haven’t changed a bit since 1984. We had so many fun parties when we were all stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

This is what a beef rib looks like in Texas.

Gnawed to the bone.

Bucc-ees is a Texas phenomenon. Only in this state could you have a fuel station with a fudge making station and…

…..a BBQ station.

To say nothing of the dedicated Jerky counter!

The pay scale looked pretty decent too.

On to Houston and a meet up with our golden oldie friends Rhonda and Duke. We met these guys in 1972 in Madrid Spain. We also had some great parties. I seem to remember making Sangria in mop buckets. Nothing much has changed except…

….a slightly different hair color.

It’s Springtime in Texas and that means Bluebonnets. This species of lupine is the Texas state flower. We found a patch that also had a nice display of Texas Paintbrush which matched my shirt quite nicely.

We are all about color coordination with those ‘bonnets

Our next stop was Dallas. The last of our Texan friends Deb and Bill have a lovely loooong driveway which made a great camp spot for the night.

Thanks guys for a delicious dinner and great company.

Onwards to Arkansas.

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Belated Salutations for the Holiday Season.

Wednesday 4th January 2023

We have been quite busy giving the Beast a good cleanup up inside and out. Its amazing how much dirt manages to creep inside especially after driving over lots of gravel roads on our trip through Canada and Alaska.

Roof done! time for an adult beverage.

After washing the sides we could see all the dings and scratches. Dean buffed out some of the lighter scratches and took it upon himself to You Tube: “How to touch up the paint”. He even mastered the art of paint feathering! He has done a great job and now the Beast looks pretty sharp.

We had planned on buying a new SUV on our way south but the prices are terrible with huge markups, and that is if you can even lay your hands on one.

Beauty had a seizure on the trip back through Oregon and needed a lung transplant. Since a new vehicle was off the books for a while we decided to have her operated on. Dean usually does all the fixits on her,(You Tube again) but this surgery required an operating room. New tires, and a good cleanup and she looks like a diva. Not bad for nearly nineteen years and over 350,000 miles driving and towing.

We have managed to get in a few hikes so far.

There are so many holes to stick your head through.

It’s good to be back hiking with Leslie and Stuart.

We are hoping to explore some new stuff this winter but still enjoy the old favorites.

I know we have self driving vehicles on the road but when this car pulled up next to us at a light we did a double take.

The RV park has been invaded by raccoons. They are big and kinda scary as they show no fear. Stuart has even found raccoon poop on his engine. The park finally started setting out cage traps and hopefully the masked beasts will be evicted.

We have taken a few bike rides around the local area. This ride was to check out murals.

I think I’m in love.

Dean and Kent gave a nice military salute at the Vietnam War Memorial. They are both Vietnam Veterans.

I was ready to spread my wings.

The last time we went to the Movies was to see Avatar in 2009. Since Avatar 2 just came out we decided to have a repeat. This theatre had the most comfy reclining seats I have ever seen. The 3d glasses made the film very enjoyable.

I am enjoying tending my Petunia and Geranium garden.

Dean and I wish you a happy and healthy 2023.

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Back to Indio

Tuesday November 1st 2022

On our way south we had to stop and visit Hyder, Alaska. The population runs at about 40. It was a very rainy day so we could not see the beautiful mountain range.

We had hoped to see some bears snacking on salmon but no luck so we enjoyed the local scenery.

Stuart in Stewart. It’s always about Stuart!!!

At least we had a nice view of Salmon Glacier.

We started the long drive back to the lower 48 and found some good lunch spots.

You know you’re with good friends when your campers are close enough to shake hands through the window.

We stopped for a bit in Oregon to see our lads, have work done on our campers and catch up with old friends.

A highlight of our visit with the lads was a boat trip down the White Salmon River. Jay paddled his kayak and Dax did an awesome job of keeping the rest of us alive on the raft. There was only one hiccup on the trip. Leslie bounced out of the raft after we hit a rock in a set of rapids. Luckily Dax managed to lean out of the back of the raft and grab her lifejacket. He slung her up and into the raft with one hand while steering with other and yelling paddling orders to rest of us. That’s what I call multitasking!

We smoked most of the salmon we bought from Alaska. Jay was pretty thrilled to have a good stockpile left in his freezer. Enjoy dear boy.

We had a great visit lads and you managed to snag an extra Mom and Dad!

We stayed a few days at our lovely “Jordan RV Resort” in Calleen and Jons driveway. Thanks for a great time guys.

I spent ages watching several red headed woodpeckers pounding acorns in a couple of tree trunks In Calleens yard.

Every nook and cranny was stuffed to capacity. I think the local squirrels will enjoy the easy pickings this winter.

We managed pick up a hitchhiker from Jon and Calleens yard. I had a couple of nervous nights wondering where the interloper was hiding. Dean searched everywhere trying to find a nest but not much luck. We set the mouse traps and the giant rat traps in cupboards and the basement.

Peanut butter did the trick and that is the giant rat trap by the way snagging the massive rodent. After a good cleanup and a few adult beverages I finally quit being a fraidy-cat.

It was smashing to latch up again with Stuart and Leslie after a couple of weeks apart. The guys were so excited they had to head to the playground.

we had some nice hikes..

and bikes. This cool looking pedestrian bridge spans the Sacramento River in Redding. Time to part company again. See you guys back in Indio.

We decided to travel down California on 395 which is on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. We were lucky enough to have a stretch of lovely sunny days which was nice since we were camping in the mountains. Dean and I had some lovely hiking in the high country around Yosemite. It was a quite a challenge to be hiking at 9,000 to over 11,000 feet after just coming up from sea level.

I liked this old cabin and thought it had a lot of potential as a fixer upper,

although the interior needed quite a bit of work.

Mono Lake has shrunk a huge amount over the last several years.

We canoed around these tufa formations when the lads were small! It seem like all the lakes out west are drying up due the continous drought.

It’s always a happy day when we see a John Muir trail to hike,

especially after visiting his birthplace in Scotland and reading about his efforts in helping create the National Park System here in the States. The John Muir Wilderness extends 90 miles along the crest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

At high elevation Aspens are giving up some lovely yellow and orange color.

Dean was trying to help these Aspens give a little quake.

What can I say. The sign says it all!

Here we are at the start off our epic journey in April. I think we look pretty happy and hopefully optimistic of the journey.

And now in November we are finally back in Indio. Over 9100 miles and nearly 60 stopovers and we still LOVE each other. Hopefully we will have many more adventures together.

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Monday 22nd August 2022

This post is a bit long. We have been out of internet service for quite some time.

After leaving Homer we moved up the coast a bit to Portage. It was very rainy and to top off the misery Leslie and Stuart came down with a case of Covid even though they are boosted up the kazoo. They moved up to Anchorage in a campground with full hookups to nurse their suffering bodies. Luckily, they felt better after a few days.

We managed to escape the bug! Snagged a clear day and hiked to Portage Glacier.

Dean found a lovely soft mossy spot for lunch and a nap.

A pretty butterfly stopped to pose for me.

We were all fit and excited to head into Denali National Park.

The skies cleared and gave us a beautiful view of Denali mountain

There is nothing like a good mountain hike to get my happy face on.

The only close up wildlife we saw was this little guy.

There was plenty of Fireweed blooming at the higher elevations.

We biked over 30 miles on a gravel road in the park. There were some long steep hills to climb, so we really appreciated the electric bikes. Although, we were on the last bit of power by the time we arrived back at the campground.

After 2 beautiful days it was back to rain. Occasionally the sun would peek out to give us rainbows.

The rainy weather really encouraged mushroom growth. There were so many different types.

We noshed on quite a few huckleberries.

Very close to the park was a very nice brewery.

As usual, I came in last in the darts competition. At least I was showing some style.

The brewery had an old bus similar to the “Magic Bus”.

The inside had info about the real bus

We saw the original one at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.

If you watched the movie “Into the Wild”, you will know about this bus.

Fairbanks had some nice breweries which we enjoyed.

Of course you have to have a pic of the Alaska Pipeline. Oil flows through this pipe from Prudhoe Bay, in the Arctic Circle, down to Valdez. It’s 800 miles of pipe crossing 3 mountain ranges and 500 rivers and streams. We would have liked to tap into that pipe and snag some fuel!

More rain and more rainbows….

and more mushrooms.

There are so many pretty places to stop for a lunch break.

When I see a big wheel I automatically think, let’s see if we can fit inside it.

The weather forecast for Haines was really bad with rain scheduled every day for the whole week of our stay. However, when we arrived, sky magic happened. Sunny days. Yippee!!!

We had fires every night and the guys were so excited to play with hatchets.

The view from our front windows was spectacular! Cruise ships passed by on their way back and forth from Skagway to Juneau. A few even stopped in Haines.

Our first meeting with a grizzly! We were on our bikes and she just crossed in front of us. Thank goodness she was more interested in eating lunch than us.

Junior got a nice snack too.

We saw mom and her cubs later as she passed under the bridge we were biking over.

We took the fast ferry to Juneau (Alaska’s Capital). It was a 3 hour journey each way.

We even saw a whale breaching!

Actually, we did NOT see any breaching, but we saw plenty of whales and porpoises swimming about in the distance. Our boat never got close enough for a good view.

This cool statue was in Juneau.

Juneau harbor is quite picturesque.

A visit to the State Capitol was on our list.

Leslie and I tried to phone each other, but had forgotten how to use a dial phone.

The guys had a puppet interview in the Senate Chamber.

We tried to ‘bear up ‘ with the antics of the chaps.

We were tempted to put them in daycare.

This is a cool way to protect your plants.

We were lucky enough to have one last sunny day so we took a trip to Skagway. It’s only 45 minutes on the ferry.

The old visitor center has a facade of more than 8000 pieces of driftwood.

There were three cruise ships at the dock. This one looked like it was going to sail up Main Street.

I thought this was an interesting sign to have in the bathroom of a brewery we visited.

We had completely forgotten our wedding anniversary until Dean’s cousin Candice and our good friends Calleen and Jon sent us congratulatory texts. It was a good job we had planned on eating out in Skagway. A lovely day out. We are pretty happy considering we both turned 70 and have been latched up for 50 years.

The Fireweed has finished blooming. Winter is on the way. Time to head south to the Lower 48.

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Thursday 28th July 2022

I thought this map was interesting. It really gives you an idea of the vastness of Alaska. The US purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867 for the bargain price of $7.2 million dollars. What a deal!

Crikey! My whole country fits in at least 6 times .

Hoop net fishing opened up at Kenai. It looked like everyone gutted their salmon and tossed the innards in the surf. The seagulls were thrilled with the easy grub.

Alaskan citizens were the only ones allowed to fish with these huge nets. Two salmon limit each per day. 25 for head of household and 10 extra for each dependent per year. Even though “The Hoopers” were packed closely together we saw dozens of salmon being hauled in.

This lady had just caught her last fish of the day.

These kids were trying to stay warm, and having fun doing it.

The local store had a great deal on fresh sockeye salmon. That’s our kind of fishing. Dean is practicing his filleting skills after a lesson from Stuart.

Guess what’s for dinner tonight, and yes Jay, we have saved you a fillet.

We stayed nearly two weeks in Homer and it rained a good portion of that time. In between the showers we managed to have some fun times.

The Salty Dog Saloon was quite interesting. It’s been in operation since 1957 when Alaska was still a territory.

The whole interior walls and ceiling are covered with dollar bills.

The inside had such low ceilings, and was packed, so we had a beverage in their patio area.

Alaskans know how to recycle their wellies and …….


Leslie was a good sport and posed for me.

A great hike across the bay at Kachemak Bay State park required a front loader boat. We felt like troops being offloaded in the brisk surf.

After a nice trek through the forest we took the self propelled tram across the river just for fun.

Well, I had fun as I supervised the pulling and pushing of the tram. It took 6 trips back and forth.

I had a nice relaxing trip. Thanks guys.

We had told Leslie and Stuart about all the icebergs on Grewlingk Lake. Thank goodness there were plenty of bergs to admire. I asked everyone to cosy up with a berg. I think I gave my berg the most love.

Homer still retains it’s quirky housing vibe with multi story condos..

and single story deluxe houses.

There were also plenty of fixer uppers.

We finished our stay in Homer with a fun Pickleball tournament in the basement of the local rec center.

A great way to spend our last day.

Fireweed is blooming everywhere.

Onwards towards Denali National Park.

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Saturday July 9th 2022

Most travelers stop and take a selfie at the Alaskan border.

We passed so many lakes on our journey to Valdez.

We had this campground to ourselves. It was very peaceful.

Lying on a bed of yellow daisies is lovely. I am enjoying being on top of the daisies instead of pushing them up for the time being.

It was mostly cloudy and cold in Valdez so the sea kayaks were not getting much use.

The dock was always busy after the fishing boats came in.

Seagulls were enjoying all the scrap fish and then the big guys arrived. Mom cleared the deck and stood stood guard while……..

Junior had a good nosh.

We had one nice day so we hit the trails at Thompson Pass, just a few miles up the road from Valdez. There was a smidgen of snow to hike through.

There were still a few mini icebergs left in this lake.

I was feeling on top of the world!

We even managed to play a little Pickleball on the local tennis court.

Anchorage is a good place to refuel and resupply.

It was time to try a Yakburger.

It looked better than it tasted but everyone liked the beer! (cider for Rose of course)

Our week in Seward was lots of fun. People taking day fishing charters were bringing in huge Halibut. The one in the middle was over 100 pounds. That’s a lot of fish and chips.

Barges were being loaded up with a bit of everything.

July 4th is a big deal in Seward as they have the famed Mount Marathon race.

It’s claim to fame is being the toughest 5 kilometer race on the planet. There is a 3000 foot elevation gain and a lot of that is on slippery scree.

We cheered and clapped as Max King from Bend, Oregon won the mens race. He clocked in at just over 43 minutes and claimed the record as the oldest (42 years) guy to win the race. That guy has a serious six pack.

Cruise ships came into Seward most days and we had a great view from our front windows of them coming and going.

Our last day was nice and sunny so it was time to take on the burly hike up to the Harding Ice Field in Kenai Fjords National Park. Since it was a 10 mile trip with 3500 foot elevation gain we took our handy water filter to save lugging too much water.

There is nothing more refreshing than drinking crystal clear icy glacier water! We topped up several times.

The Harding Ice Field is shrinking every year but it still looked nice and chunky to us.

We had to stop for a little rest and cool down.

There was quite a bit of snow to hike through.

The views were spectacular when we finally reached the top. The hike was definitely worth the achy legs we all had for the next couple of days.

The firework display didn’t start until after midnight and even then it was very light. There were so many people on the beach front enjoying the show. It was fun to watch families with little kids. All the fire pits were getting some good use and kids were toasting marshmallows and riding bikes all about which seems so strange in the middle of the night.

Our trip continues.

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Tuesday June 14th 2020

Sorry if you recently received a post with nothing on it. I accidentally pressed the wrong button. Definitely a senior moment.

We are finally on our journey to Canada and Alaska. Our first stopover after passing through the border was Kelowna.

This area is famous for its Trestle trail which has been converted from an old railroad. We biked through tunnels and over trestles. We love Rails to Trails.

Stuart was pleased to have this Kelowna park named after him.

Dean had driven a tractor similar this John Deere back when he was a kid. It ran on kerosene.

The only machine I ever rode was a bicycle, but I would have liked to give this mini a spin round the garden.

It took three of us to figure out how to use the parking meter.

The guys discussing the intricacies of darts.

My bike mechanic keeps our electric bikes in tip top shape.

This particular campground had a good size rhubarb patch and the camp owner said help yourself. That’s all I needed to hear.

This is one of several batches. We will be enjoying stewed rhubarb and rhubarb crumble for the next couple of weeks.

We had to snuggle up in this camp spot.

Laird Hot Springs is a must do on the British Columbia section of the Alaska Highway. It has the second largest natural hot springs in Canada and is actually a river of hot water,

We had a nice long soak in the toasty water which we really needed after juggling the rigs into that tight parking spot.

There were quite a few Bison strolling around the edges of the road. It was fun to watch the calves jumping about.

Plenty of black bears were enjoying the new growth on the verges.

Another required stop is the Signpost Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon. I think there might be at least 100,000.

Stuart wanted to add the 100,001 sign. We got out the ladder and screwdriver and now the forest has a nice green license plate from Vermont.

We had one nice day in Whitehorse and made the most of it with a great hike on Grey Mountain. There were a few snowy bits to manoeuvre through.

The views from the top were pretty stellar with snowy mountains all around us.

Whitehorse is also famous for having the worlds largest weather vane. We thought it was a joke but we actually saw the plane turning in the breeze.

Onwards to Alaska!

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Sunday 22nd May 2022

We had so much rain in Oregon! It seemed like it rained nearly every day. In fact it was the rainiest April on record!! A good portion of May has also been slinging down that liquid sunshine. Of course this gave us a good excuses to visit many breweries.

Taking advantage of a sunny afternoon we explored Oregon City.

We just had to take a trip up the only vertical street in the US. No charge either.

It was originally built in 1915 as the locals living on the bluff got tired of walking up the hill. A few renovations later and this fancy elevator takes only 15 seconds to reach the top.

Willamette Falls, in Oregon City has the largest waterfall by volume in the Northwest. It is the 17th widest waterfall in the world. That’s a lot of water!

We had a great visit with Dax and Jay. Dean got a bit nostalgic for the old days of living in a house and mowed the grass. He might be done for another few years.

Stuart gave our lads a knife demonstration. They learned more about knives and sharpening knives than they ever thought possible.

I’m always up for a boy hug.

We still have our Honda Elements. Ours is the oldest. Beauty reached the grand old age of 18 this year.

Thanks for the good times lads.

We had a conversation at dinner the night before about never having a tire blowout. Of course it had to be chucking it down with rain when the blowout occurred. Also, to add to our pain, it was on a very busy interstate and by the time we were able to reach a fairly safe area to change the tire it was ruined.

This part of a pair of scissors picked up on the road, was the cause of our miserable afternoon. Still a new tire, hot showers and a few drinks helped ease the pain.

Moving on to Hood River we managed to snag some great views of Mount Hood.

It just so happens that we know of a brewery that has outdoor seating so we were able to relax with a beverage and enjoy the view.

Talking about blowouts. I think we might have a little tire jinx going on. Not too far into our 35 mile bike ride around the Hood River area I had a puncture. Luckily Stuart had a spare inner tube so all ended up well. Thank you Stuart for your extensive repair kit.

Driving on I-84 along The Columbia Gorge, you frequently see “Arms” traveling down the road. Biglow Canyon Wind Farm has over 200 windmills and more being built all the time. With a pretty constant wind coming down the Gorge these babies generate a lot of electricity.

Another great brewery. I love the breweries in the Northwest as they always have at least 1 or 2 ciders on tap, and that’s my drink. I have even converted Leslie into a cider connoisseur.

This brewery had good pizza as well as brewskis and cider.

That’s a lot of Buffalo heads.

A sunny day meant a hike at Catherine Creek.

They may not be bluebells (my favourite flower) but Lupines come pretty close, and they are certainly the right color. Next to hugging Dean and the lads I love hugging me some flowers.

We tried a bit of logging but got stumped.

There were lots of flowers to enjoy on our hike including this pretty Bitterroot.

Wild Roses smell so good.

We even had the pleasure of a little meetup with this cute Garter Snake.

Balsam Root and Lupines were bobbing in the wind. It was a lovely day out.

There is only one person in this picture who is stylin’ the hair.

Onwards to beautiful Canada. Eh!!

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California Coast

Tuesday 26th April 2022

Ventura has some cool looking windswept trees.

The guys were impressed with the curvaceous mermaid.

We sure could do with some love again.

When you are in Santa Barbara and see a sign like this what can you do but…

follow the instructions.

A group of low riders drove into town and put on a good show cranking their cars up and down (hopping). The guy driving the tan car told me it was his very expensive hobby retrofitting his car but he loved driving it around.

Pink ice plant was blooming nicely on the Monterey peninsular.

We had a good bike ride along the coast, although it was very windy. Thank goodness for electric bikes.

We rode next to Pebble Beach golf course. There were plenty of people playing the course. It costs around $600 for a round of golf. Blimey!!!

We have seen people walking dogs, cats and even parrots, but this guy taking his donkey out for a stroll was a first.

Talk about a laid back dog.

Point Reys National Seashore just north of San Francisco was a lovely place to spend a day.

It was a shame the lighthouse was closed to visitors.

We all liked the lichen.

The beaches were packed with sunbathing sea lions.

There were quite a few Mules Ears blooming.

Wild Iris was starting to pop up.

We luckily had another sunny day and no fog so a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge was in order.

I found a broom washed up on the beach and started tidying up.

Walking around the old gun battery was fun. These doors are still pretty solid after 100 years of salty air.

A little more corrosion happening here.

Golden Gate Bridge looked tiny through this lookout.

We are in Oregon now. A quick visit with our good friends Calleen and Jon in Grants Pass. Thanks for the camping spot for both of our rigs guys. We are moving slowly up the state. Between warranty and insurance both Rv’s are getting a bit of TLC.

It is cold and rainy. Note to myself. Please stay south until the middle of May. It was so hot In Indio California when we left at the beginning of the month it was hard to think of COLD and RAINY weather giving us a beatdown. Our rain jackets have had more use over the last couple weeks than the last 2 years.

O.K. done with whining. We are getting closer to our lads. Are you ready for some mum cooking boys?

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