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Southern Comfort

Monday 29th May 2023 Spring has the Dogwood trees busting out all over. Little Rock, Arkansas had a tornado whip through a couple of weeks before we arrived. Our campground had a lot of damage. One camper would be totally … Continue reading

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Thursday 13th April 2023 It’s been quite a while since I posted a blog. The winter just seemed to whip by and we didn’t do anything too exciting, plus it was also the coldest and windiest winter for many years … Continue reading

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Monday 22nd August 2022 This post is a bit long. We have been out of internet service for quite some time. After leaving Homer we moved up the coast a bit to Portage. It was very rainy and to top … Continue reading

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Thursday 28th July 2022 I thought this map was interesting. It really gives you an idea of the vastness of Alaska. The US purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867 for the bargain price of $7.2 million dollars. What a deal! … Continue reading

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Saturday July 9th 2022 Most travelers stop and take a selfie at the Alaskan border. We passed so many lakes on our journey to Valdez. We had this campground to ourselves. It was very peaceful. Lying on a bed of … Continue reading

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Tuesday June 14th 2020 Sorry if you recently received a post with nothing on it. I accidentally pressed the wrong button. Definitely a senior moment. We are finally on our journey to Canada and Alaska. Our first stopover after passing … Continue reading

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Sunday 22nd May 2022 We had so much rain in Oregon! It seemed like it rained nearly every day. In fact it was the rainiest April on record!! A good portion of May has also been slinging down that liquid … Continue reading

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California Coast

Tuesday 26th April 2022 Ventura has some cool looking windswept trees. The guys were impressed with the curvaceous mermaid. We sure could do with some love again. When you are in Santa Barbara and see a sign like this what … Continue reading

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March in Indio

We had a pretty nice month in Indio until it started heating up. When the temp hits the 90’s I turn into wimpy girl. We were lucky to have a family visit. We took cousins Candice and Lennard on our … Continue reading

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Arizona Winter

Monday 28th February, 2022 Crikey it’s already Springtime down south. We had a quiet winter in Phoenix. Played plenty of Pickleball and hiked and biked around the area a few times. There were a few rainy days in January and … Continue reading

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