Zion National Park

Thursday 4/17/14

We had a great week in Zion.  There was lots of hiking and lots of people.  This has to be one of the most popular national parks.  The queues to get in the park every day were quite long.  Being old codgers with the senior pass we had free entry and the campsite was half price also. The park has a great transport system set up. Once in the park you have to get the propane powered bus to the trail heads.

We had no hook ups so Dean had to make trips to the dump with our grey water (shower/washing up) and bring back some fresh (in a different container of course!) You can just make out the turquoise wheeled container he pulled behind the car.



We hiked many of the trails with steep drop offs.  The only hike that gave me the willies was the one with a chain to hang onto as you walked around a cliff face on a very narrow ledge. During most of that part I had a death grip with both hands on the chain and NO LOOKING DOWN.

DSC05034   DSC05035


Someone had the great? (you know who I mean) idea that we should do a one way 14 mile hike. Our good friend Tom drove us to the starting spot.  It was about 8000 ft (2400 m) elevation and still wintery looking with patches of snow.

As we descended the terrain was incredible.

IMG_0019    IMG_0025

This baby tree was perched on a sheer cliff. I hope it manages to survive. Thank goodness Dean carried plenty of water as the trail managed to have some pretty big climbs that we were not expecting.

IMG_0023       IMG_0021

The end of the trail was down a series of switchbacks.  Our mileage app said we had completed over 17 miles and it was a truly bodacious hike. That shuttle bus was a welcome sight.  A dose of ibuprofen with our last swig of water started to ease the aching bodies.

We treated ourselves to a luxurious TWO minute shower. (when dry camping we do the one minute navy shower. Wet down, turn water off.  Soap up, rinse off fast.)  With an ice pack on the croc knee, a glass of wine in hand and our comfy sofas to recline on the rest of the evening the pain of the last five miles  started to fade away.

Unknown        images


We spent the next day lollylagging about the campground which felt pretty darned good.  We had a bit more hiking and then time to leave.  We had to pay $15 to travel through the tunnel at the north end of the park. They have to hold up two way traffic  so large rigs can go down the middle as the sides are so low.  Our journey will continue on the other side……

IMG_0050     IMG_0029


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4 Responses to Zion National Park

  1. M Frank says:

    I am living vicariously through your blog. I love it!!!!

  2. Gina Gluth says:

    You two are either incredible or NUTS!!!!!!!! Love to you both xxxxxG

  3. jon and calleen says:

    wow-beautiful country- JJ and CJ

  4. Merlene and Ronnie says:

    OMG!! You’ve lost your senses !!!! I get the heeby geebys just looking at the pictures! They would look beautiful if I didn’t know you were hiking way up there!!! But knowing that your living your dream – I will try to put it out of my mind! Please be careful! I am supposed to die before you!!
    Love you!!!

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