A bit of Colorado and Wyoming

Saturday 25th July 2020

We spent several days hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. Due to the pandemic the park has started a timed entrance system. I had to go online and book a 2 hour window to enter the park. Only so many vehicles allowed in per day. I had to book each day separately and pay a $2 fee. I managed to snag several days worth at varying times of the day.

The scenery was a bit of a let down with all the dead pine trees due to beetle attack.

We did spot quite a few moose.

At over 12,000 feet Alpine flowers are very tiny. These Forget-me-nots and Sulphur flowers were only a couple of inches high.

A Tiger Swallowtail butterfly kept nice and still while having a sip of nectar from a Manzanita flower.

Many of the trails were closed as well as campgrounds which made the open trails fairly crowded. All the people we saw were extremely polite and considerate giving plenty of space to pass on the trails. There were only a few trails in the open so we saw just a few wildflowers here and there. We have now explored all the National Parks in the lower 48. For us it’s a slam dunk. Our favorites are on the west coast. Washington, Oregon, California, Wyoming, Utah and Montana have the best of the best. Sorry rest of the country.

We moved up to Wyoming for a few weeks to a campground with pickle ball courts. Dean had been suffering from pickle withdrawal. This park in the middle of nowhere had some very nice courts.

I left Dean playing pickle ball one day and went on a hike. I was enjoying a nice quiet stroll in the woods and then I heard a whole lot of baaaaing. There must have been a couple of hundred sheep milling about. I politely asked these woolies to shift off the trail. A couple tried to stare me down but they all finally made way for me to pass.

I snagged this pic but can’t identify the butterfly. Mandy I bet you would have the answer.

It took quite a while to make our way through this cattle drive.

We managed a 14 miler one day. The yellow Mules Ears were very pretty.

We seriously needed a sit down when we reached the top. A burned tree carcass made a comfy back rest.

It sure is nice to be hiking on trails that are less frequented. It helps being out in the boondocks.

There were several hundred sheep to make our way through on this hike. Dean took point and cleared the trail for me.

I love the Yellow Salsify that is all over the hills in the area.

It is as pretty when it goes to seed.

We are heading back down to Colorado for August but hopefully not in any crowded areas. Gotta get some more flower hikes in.

We are managing to stay pretty healthy. There have been several cases of Covid in the park but we have luckily avoided the ghastly bug so far. I sure hope you are all keeping well.

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16 Responses to A bit of Colorado and Wyoming

  1. Your travel photos and comments are appreciated even more by us self isolaters. But we are escaping to Hood River tomorrow. Stay healthy and sassy.

    Your Uncle Bob

  2. Gina Gluth says:

    Lovely photo’s once again Rose. Keep safe both of you. We are in Wales celebrating my 70th and Tarn’s. Going to do a big joint event later in August for Eric, Tarn, Jeff and myself. The weather is a bit hit and miss as always over here. Stay safe, hope the boys are well and looking forward to next months instalment, lots of love Gina & Eric. xxx

  3. Maxine Davis says:

    So enjoy your travels. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Hey Dean & Rose, we sure enjoy your pictures Rose. You sure save us a lot of money by not going ourself. Rose I’m glad the sheep listened to you and divided. Your always in control! It does look like you both are healthy and strong. I hear we may get to see you later this year? That would be great! Love ya both M&M

  5. Dax says:

    If only we could get Sir David Attenborough to read a few of your lines about what insect perched atop some species of flower. You’d have a show, and I’d be a watch’n : )

    Your favorite son,

  6. Oh wow, such a beautiful place to hike. I would love to hike there someday!

  7. johnsrod1226gmailcom says:

    Thanks for sharing. Rod

    On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 3:54 PM THE BUS STOPS HERE wrote:

    > Rose and Dean’s Travels posted: ” Saturday 25th July 2020 We spent several > days hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. Due to the pandemic the park > has started a timed entrance system. I had to go online and book a 2 hour > window to enter the park. Only so many vehicles allowed in pe” >

  8. .adhu says:

    Enjoy each and every photos and well written information. As if we’re there.

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