Monday 14th June, 2021

We stopped into see our friend of many years. We first met Pat in a campground in Arizona. Pat now lives in Salem and just celebrated her 95th birthday. Happy birthday dear friend.

Finally it was time to pick up our carpet. We thought it might fit in Jays house. He recently moved back to Oregon.

Thank you Paige and Rod for looking after our carpet for 17 years. It does not seem possible that we have been on the road for that many years.

Maya and I enjoyed a lay down.

We moved up to Portland for a week and it was fun to visit with the lads over Memorial Day weekend. A decent climbing rock was close to the campground and the lads got in some practice.

We dropped them off upriver and they paddle boarded to the campground.

I’m always a happy camper when Dax and Jay stop by.

Time to move on to Hood River. I was hoping to get some good wild flower hikes in but the Columbia Gorge was dried up. I fear the drought is all up the west coast. The views of the river are always nice though.

Another day we hiked at a much higher elevation and found more greenery. A doe with two tiny fawns crossed our path.

We couldn’t figure out why this gate was attached to a tree but had no fencing on either side.

Swallowtail butterflies were flitting all over the flowery bushes.

A couple of Admirals like Deans feet.

I even had one enjoying a rest on my foot.

Mount Hood peeped out from under the clouds for a few minutes.

A bike ride along the Deschutes river was fun.

The only wild life we came across was a very lazy slow moving rattler.

A fast flowing river enticed the lads up to Hood River. Jay is really enjoying kayaking again.

He seems to have got the hang of it pretty quick.

Dax likes to run waterfalls.

We are so happy our lads live close to each other again.

Now we heading to Bend area for a few weeks. Pickleball and hiking are on the menu.

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6 Responses to Oregon

  1. Gina Gluth says:

    Lovely photos again Rose. Your all looking fabulous, keep safe, love you all xxxxGina

    • Seeing the boys makes us feel young. I sure hope you get to see Alex and his family soon. I don’t think the vaccines are as available in Australia as they are here. Now Cities and States are bribing people to get the shots. You can walk into just about any chemist and get it.

  2. Maxine Davis says:

    So good to see you if only for a minute. Glad your boys are in Oregon. Enjoy that lovely Bend area. Hugs, max

  3. John Morris says:

    Great read! I know you both are happy to spend time with the boys (men). Safe travels to you.

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