Ely, Nevada

Friday 12th September 2014

You know when you have arrived in Nevada.  Every podunk town and dot on the map has either a casino or at least slot machines in every store.


Ely is about 6500 ft  with a high desert environment.  We had a lovely hike in these hills.



The grasses are already turning color.  Dean matches quite nicely.



These are old beehive shaped charcoal ovens from the late 1800’s.



Pinyon pine and juniper was stacked inside and the door cemented shut. A few days of slow burn and the resulting charcoal was used to smelt silver ore.



Yellow rabbit brush was busting out all over.



Onwards to Great Basin!


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3 Responses to Ely, Nevada

  1. you are getting close to our meeting place!

  2. John Kirkwood says:

    Don’t know if last post went through so I will repeat. Barb retires in May and we are celebrating with our daughter’s in-laws and the grandchildren by taking in-land passage route to Ketchikan, Juno and Skagway. Any recommendations on what to see or do are welcome. As is a visit the Virgina Kirkwoods who have a nice long tree lined driveway next to the house which is just a few feet from the Potomac.

    • Barb, congratulations in advance on your retirement. What a super idea to see a bit of Alaska by ferry. Unfortunately we did not make it to any of those places you mentioned. We had planned on Skagway and Haines but a very bad weather front was moving that way at the time so elected to miss them. We will certainly keep our fingers crossed for you to have sunny clear skies on your trip.
      John we have you guys on the top of the list when we make the drive out East and thanks for the lovely offer of your driveway.

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