Gold Canyon, Arizona

Friday 31st March 2017

We have been quite busy this month.  Dean took on a major project fixing our roof.  There were many tiny cracks starting to form along the edges so Dean drilled, glued, sanded, resined and painted.  I had the very important job of gopher. We now have a shiny, white, STRONG top on the beast.


Due to all the rain in February the desert is busting out in bloom.   The yellow brittlebush covers the hill sides.

Strawberry hedgehogs are showing off  their hot pink petals.

I managed to find a single Mariposa Lily. This takes orange to a new level.

Dean is in the lead on snake detail.

The Fairydusters are so delicate

This cute Rattlesnake decided to pay us a visit at our campsite one evening.  He was doing a little coiling and rattling so Dean had to get the broom and coax him onto the neighbors lot. (They were not home)

We entered the Gold Canyon Pickleball tournament. Dean won with his partner Dana. I won this one last year. We had to have a picture of us with our medals.  They might have to rename this event the Kirkwood Tournament.


A last minute bit of juggling with schedules and planes and we managed to snag our lads for four days.  Yippeee!!!

We hiked.

We ate.

We shuffled. (shuffleboard)


We pickled. (pickleball)

We golfed

We pooled.


We danced.

We ate a whole lot more.

They were supposed to be drying dishes

Dax brought his fly tying equipment. Dean looks cute wearing one of the realistic critters

Jay likes hanging around

Our neighbors let us have some of their lemons as long as they were from the high branches.  No problem, with the giant picking them.

Thanks boys, for still wanting to spend a few days with your old mum and dad.

Goodbye Gold Canyon. On to St. George, Utah tomorrow.


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20 Responses to Gold Canyon, Arizona

  1. John Morris says:

    Sounds like great fun. I know you had a blast with the boys. John.

  2. Donna Thomas-Taylor says:

    Looks like you all had a fabulous time, great seeing the pictures of you guys and your boys, (men), family is so important hey. Miss seeing you guys this winter, come visit us this summer. All the provincial parks in Canada are free this year. Our park, Ol’ MacDonald’s would definitely be free for you. We have a great spot for you to hang for a few days or more. Come on a long weekend when we have the fireworks on the beach. Hugs to you both

    • What a super invitation. Would have loved to but have already booked into Bend, Oregon for June, And onto Portland until middle of Sept. Going to England for month of August. We are booked into Tower Point for Oct and Nov. Any chance you might be back this fall?

  3. pat clark says:

    Again, a great story of your stay here in Gold Canyon… Rose you amaze me always knowing the names of all flowers, and Cacti…..You two are just the best,,Love these stories, and neat pictures,,,Such handsome sons, You certainly were busy while her. Thank you for sharing a bit of your time with me…AND have happy travels always…On to your next stop over…Will await your next “Bus Stops Here”….Love you people,


  4. Dax Kirkwood says:

    You wrote Dax bought, forgetting the r in brought.

    Let this stand as proof of my very first spelling correction to my mother.

    Had fun with you mum and pop.

    • My lovely boy
      Thank you for the correction. Have fixed it. I will BRING you some soap. I have BROUGHT the soap making equipment with me. I just have to BUY distilled water. I have already BOUGHT the oils.
      Love mummy

  5. Melvin&smarting Kirkwood says:

    Good to hear from you guys! Really good to see the boys. Looks like they are doing well! I know they make you proud. I thought you had the bus top replaced a few years ago? Does this mean a trip back to Red Bay? We are glad you both are doing well, keep traveling stay young, see you soon!

    • Had the roof replaced in 2010. When we had the sides done in 2012 they decided we needed the edges reinforced. Shoved wedges all along the edges to lift the roof and insert reinforcement. Then 20 million rivets. The cracks formed due to the crappy job they did. Dean had tiffin rep come and look at it in California but he said it didn’t look too bad and red bay would maybe do something if it got a lot worse. Well we all know Rose would rather become vegan than make that trip again. Dean did a great job. The sides will collapse and the wheels fall off before that roof caves in

  6. Madhu says:

    Is that the solar panel on the roof? Good traveling.Enjoy the life. You both are doing aok.

  7. Barb Kirkwood says:

    What a lovely time to be in the desert.

  8. Thanks for keeping us informed where you are and what your doing.

  9. Merlene says:

    Great to see the family together ! Everyone looks amazing! Living your dream keeps young! the boys are handsome as ever. I look at them and try to figure out who they look like – but you know what – they have got the best of both of you and so they look like themselves! Will keep following you in your travels! Thanks for blogging. Love the updates and photos! Although that snake creeped me out!!! wheeew!! :O love you both, love the boys. would love to hug their necks

  10. Gina Gluth says:

    Just love reading your blogs and looking at your pictures. You all look very healthy. Give our love to the lads. Looking forward to you both coming over here in August just hope the weather is good, keeping my fingers crossed. Love to you all xxxxGina & Eric

    • Thanks guys. We sure are looking forward to seeing you also. Let’s hope the weather cooperates. We have had the rainiest winter in many a year. At least California has lifted their extreme drought status after our partial winter there

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