St. George and Zion National Park

Sunday May 19th, 2019

Crikey! It seems like an age since I last posted. We have had a fun time in southern Utah. We sure love those red rocks. There has been quite a bit of rain in the area over the last month which makes for lovely pictures and some very red stained socks.

We hiked some of our favorite trails in the area including the bowl trail.

There are plenty of Mariposa lilies in bloom. The purple are so pretty and..

the yellow are lovely too.

Hedgehog Cactus are bursting forth in pink and…


The Prickly Pear is also busting out all over in pink goodness. The desert in spring is a spiky, thorny flowery paradise.

The views after a climb are a great reward.

Dean decided to harvest another Agave stalk to supplement our walking sticks.

We took the car for a wash and I saw the attached dog wash.

What a great idea. You can wash and blow dry the pooch and your car together.

We moved from St. George to Zion National park. It was packed with visitors but we managed a hike or two.

We had planned on a hike that started on the high part of the National Park but found the whole area snowed in. I don’t mind nipping over a few patches of the white stuff but not when its up past my ankles for as far as I can see.

Our two nippers came to stay with us for a few days. What a treat! It was all action with the lads around. They did all the action and we shuttled and fixed the grub. They found a great mountain biking trail with plenty of rocks to bounce over. Maya enjoyed following them.

A bit of bouldering was on the menu.

It’s always good if a brothers got your back when you try to wedge your fingers into tiny cracks.

I am all stretched out. Now what?

They even bought their paddle boards.

Jay has quite a balancing technique.

The Virgin River was flowing well due to all the rain.

The lads even got in some canyoneering. Many of the canyons were closed due to all the rain but thank goodness a couple were open. Those dry suits are handy for the cold snowmelt water in the canyons.

Some of the canyons are quite deep so the lads had to haul plenty of rope.

Maya was spoiled rotten the whole time.

Naughty dog! She was looking for Grandmas biscuits.

This picture is from 2011.

And here we are in 2019. We have had the green mini beast since 2004 and it’s still chugging along. It’s an elementary fact that we all love our Elements.

Thank you Dax and Jay for spending time with your old mum and dad.

We are back in St. George. The plan was to move north towards Canada but snow fall in Montana and Idaho have put a hold on that. It’s not very nice driving in rain but snow is really yucky. Been there, done that back in the day when working for a living and on a tight timetable.

Good job we are retired and have no set schedule. We are heading up to Alaska this summer. Flowers and wildlife here we come!

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12 Responses to St. George and Zion National Park

  1. Maxine Davis says:

    Love, love your travelogue. So special to have your boys for awhile. Please remember if you are near a Fredonia, Az to stop at the local museum and say hi to Dixon. Diana is headed north to Alaska also Maybe you will be camp mates. House sitting a friends home on 2 acres of Washougal River. Lovely! Have fun in Alaska! Hugs, max

  2. Gina Gluth says:

    Hi Rose & Dean, once again lovely to see your photo’s and the added bonus of seeing Dax & Jay.
    You’ve seen more snow than me here in England!! I’m off to Oz again at the end of June, to see the Ozzie Gluth’s. They have moved from their 3 bed unit into a 5 bed house on the edge of the bush. We helped with the move at the beginning of the year, their garden was like a jungle. Will send an email this week. Give our love to the boys and as always to you & Dean.❤️❤️XxxGina & Eric

    • Sounds like you are keeping plenty busy with all your traveling. The Ozzie house sounds nice and large. Great that they have plenty of room for you guys now. Please send some pics of your trip. I deleted my Facebook account so miss the family pics from there.

  3. Melvin kirkwood says:

    I sure enjoy your trips and never leave the couch! We are happy you four lovely people are having such a great time. We haven’t heard from our agent yet about our trip to Hawaii yet, have you heard from anyone yet ? We are hoping all siblings can make this trip.

  4. John Morris says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Park visit and even more fun planned for the future! Travel safe and keep these updates coming. We love to read and see the pics. The boys are not so boyish any more!! Great looking family. Always welcome to stop by for a visit if you’re passing through.

  5. Madhu says:

    Nice to have family togather and loving the same outdoor activities.Enjoy. We are very happy.
    Still remember the SOMERSET days.

  6. Robin says:

    Enjoy seeing the family together. Thanks for sharing.

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