Phoenix, Arizona

Sunday 16th  November 2014

We have settled into the campground  close to Phoenix.  The place is quite nice with pool, tennis and pickle ball courts.  We have been playing pickle ball quite a bit.  I like it because you don’t have to run too far.  Usually four people play and it can be lots of fun rotating partners.

We have an orange tree in our site.  Hope they ripen up before we leave.  Our vodka will taste really good with some fresh squeezed OJ.


There is a Shell fuel station across the road from the park which is handy and…



to Deans delight the store also has a growler bar.  They have 12 craft beer taps and you just bring your growler in and they fill it for $12.  Dean has been VERY happily working his way through the taps.



A nice little hike ended at some very old hieroglyphics.  There was a little bit of defacing in the area but not bad considering it is not protected.


Another hike through some pretty scenery.


The flowers on this Sotol were a creamy color and now have gone to seed.



These ancient Native American ruins date back 600 years.



The state cactus is the Saguaro.  They reach 50 to 70 years before growing any arms.  This monster is probably at least 150 years old.


The Cholla cactus is also known as the jumping cactus as a hunk will try to attack you if you pass by too closely.  Dean is demonstrating the stickablilty factor.


This one from an earlier hike leaped on his arm.  Dean was NOT smiling when we extracted the spines which are hook shaped and lodged under his skin.


Dean has been practicing on the hair braiding.  Not too bad but he still needs some lessons.




Posting this and then trying to decide on the swimming pool or pickle ball.  Having fun can  be fun.

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5 Responses to Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Donna Blanchard says:

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, how long will you be in Phoenix? I’ll be there December 19-22. It would be so awesome if we could meet up!

  2. Would love it if we could meet. We are free all day Saturday if any of that day works into your plans.

  3. Norma Spencer says:

    Your trips are very informative and we are happy that you are enjoying them. We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wayne & Norma

  4. John Morris says:

    Rose, I guess I should take back my comment about Dean and the french braid, that looks pretty good to me.

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