Chilling in the Desert

Friday 30th March 2018

Jay finally got the rest of the fancy science equipment delivered in his Metabolomics lab at the University of California in Riverside. Now he is in the process of hiring staff to test and analyze STUFF.


I have never seen so many tubes and wires. Jay was very patient trying to explain some of the more simple procedures to his befuddled Mum.  We wish you every success with your new scientific endeavor Dr. Jay.


We moved on to Desert Hot Springs for a few days. This is a pretty breezy area, hence the hundreds of windmills.


Yippee, a slot canyon.  It’s our favorite way to play the slots.


This one had a few ladders


And quite a bit of scrambling.


We were lucky enough to have one last visit from Jay.  It was a great afternoon for a desert stroll.


Our car is a multi task tool.  The pickle ball bats came in handy to level up the cooktop. Jay those steaks were delicious.


A little behavior training.


Thanks for a lovely afternoon Jay.


The Mimosa trees are in full bloom and smell so good.


We travelled on to Quartzsite Arizona. This sign was on the door of a solar panel store!  Crikey,  what do solar panels and weapons have in common?


There are lots of wild burros wandering around the desert. Dean shared his apple with a couple.


This baby looked like a fluffy toy.


Dean was feeling a bit prickly on this desert hike.


I’m still pretty agile for a geezerette.


Now that’s some prime free range beef.  Makes me hungry for a juicy steak.


We decided the delightful desert view did not desert us as we devoured our delicious dessert in the desert.


I had just complained about not seeing much wildlife on this hike and then a very pretty gopher snake stopped by to say hello.


Our last stop at In and Out Burger as we head eastwards.  This burger chain is mostly in California.IMG_1320.jpg

All the fresh lettuce, tomato and onion counteract the fries. Of course we all know ketchup is considered a vegetable in the USA.  We try to behave a bit by sharing 1 order of fries and drinking lemon water.


Onwards to the Grand Canyon.


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17 Responses to Chilling in the Desert

  1. Maxine Davis says:

    Loved this update. Need more info on Jays project and where he is headed with it. Loved the pics.
    Back in Oregon, massive home being built next door. Feel like the poor of the neighborhood.
    Rose, we have an inandout. Second one in Oregon. When will you be in GP?
    Hugs, max

    • Maxine, we are looking at mid to late September to be passing through Oregon.

      Jays lab when up and running will be able test anything at the molecular level. Then it would be analyzed for whatever the customer is looking for.

  2. pat clark says:

    What a fun e mail…. Rose you are so brave, in some of those places…..I love all your pictures and captions. Totally enjoy all

    Those burros . always hoping to seeing one… never did.. You are such 2 special people, and true “nomads” ? is that correct? am amazed each time I get your travel log….How much, How far, your journey has taken you in all the past years…What a life… Do keep me always in your forwarding addresses…. Stay safe, and hugs for sharing all your travel stories….So enjoy all…..Son Duane , from Gold canyon, is here for a couple of weeks, and daughter, Gaye just left this PM visiting. from Bend, so a nice week… Retirement living not my cup of tea, but did fall in Febr, in my room, and fractured a bone in my other foot, so slows you down a bit….TOO many years on the old body 93 coming up in May… Your e’s certainly a welcomed….always

    Love Pat


    • Pat, so sorry to hear of your broken foot. You are such a trooper. You have always impressed us with your strength. Keep on healing. It’s always lovely to have your family around for a bit. When you only see them infrequently it makes the visit even more special.

  3. Madhu says:

    I am so happy & amazed what your travel takes to and how far. Also how agile both of you around
    mountain and canions, adding flora and fauna, wild and tamed animals. Keep on sending it.
    Jay’s lab very impressive. Give us little more detail about it. Looking forward for GC pics.

  4. melvin kirkwood says:

    We are glad to see you both are doing well. Good to see Jay is increasing in knowledge and equipment. We love the wildlife you have there in the dessert,thanks for the great trip! By the way Dean Happy Birthday to a great Brother!

  5. Barb Kirkwood says:

    I love all the pictures and comments. You always look like you are enjoying life to the max even though I sometimes feel tired just looking at all the activity in your pictures.

    • I am so glad we are on the move. Staying in one place for a couple of months and we get itchy feet. More limited options in the winter though. We are gradually heading to South Dakota to get our drivers licenses renewed.

  6. Peg and Dick Hanson says:

    Thanks to Max for forwarding this incredible visit you had on the desert. Dick and I bought a lot in Yuma and we have full hookups for visiting friends. Will be back here in Oct so keep in touch. Would love to have you stay.

    • Hi Guys,
      So glad to hear from you. We pass through Yuma quite a bit and would love to take you up on that generous offer. Not sure of our winter plans yet. We are very slowly heading toward South Dakota to renew drivers licenses and then plan on heading back west through the northern states.

  7. barbarawitte123 says:

    Hello you two Gypsies – wonderful pictures and comments – like always! We are happy for you that you could enjoy all the quality family time with Jay and his dog .
    We are leaving GC this Wednesday – time to go home – 35C here today. Wolfie has a hard time to breathe….but the weather on PEI sucks: snow and storm and 95 % humidity.
    We are hoping now to close our deal on the business in May but still a few hurdles to overcome.
    We hope to see you again in the fall somewhere around here in beautiful AZ.
    Keep on doing what you love the most: traveling and exploring and meeting people!
    Big hug and we will be in touch
    Barbara and Wolfie

    • I am so glad to hear you might have a buyer. We are keeping our fingers crossed. You both deserve that weight off your shoulders. We are staying in the lowlands till it warms up further north. In Albuquerque NM for a week.
      Good luck with the PEI weather.

  8. Robin cowan says:

    I’m a little behind on the bus ride. It looks like you are having fun as usual. Miss you both so much.

  9. Merlene says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Just now saw this!!! Haven’t had I pad on for a long time – I really like seeing the pictures on here! You both look amazing!! And all the fun your having is evident!!! Jay is adorable and I love his dog!! Nothing like seeing the love of a boy and his dog! Love your posts !
    Love you and miss you!! Hugs!! Your sis😘

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