Sunday 30th September 2018

I finally got some son hugging time.


We had a super couple of weeks visiting with Dax and Monique.


Demonstrating some yogary skills.


I gave Monique a soap making lesson and she looks pretty happy with the results.


I sorted through some baby stuff I had stored. My mother knitted this outfit for Dax.

My Mom, Dad, myself with  the newly hatched whippersnapper in 1984.

Image1-310 copy 3

Dax only got to wear this pretty outfit a few times as he grew like a weed.

Image1-300 copy 4

We got some nice pictures with the use of Dax’s long arms.


We drove to Hood River and stopped by our old camping spot.  It sure has gone downhill.


We stayed here several summers when Dean worked at the local hospital.  I kept the grass watered and mowed and it was pretty nice back in the day.


A stop in Hood River is not complete unless we visit with our good friends Teta and Lee.  Thanks Guys for a lovely day. Teta, the grub was delicious.

We finally got our replacement roof top air conditioner delivered to our campsite in Portland. Dax was kind enough to offer his brute strength.  Dean is doing a nice job in management.


Dax made it look so effortless hauling the 110 pound box up the ladder.


It was a lot easier getting the busted one down.


All installed and working nicely. Someone looks very pleased.


We managed to have a lunch date with Paige and Rod.  It was great catching up on our families.


One last visit from Dax and Monique.  Of course a free meal might have enticed them a bit.


See you next year dear children.


What a lovely time we had visiting our good friends Sandy and Charles.  Thanks so much for the great meal and hospitality. Georgia and Gus you made the evening very special.  I think we are all aging very nicely.

I was chuffed to make a little trip to the Dahlia gardens in Canby.


Aggghhh! My happy place.


We had a few days at the Jordan RV Resort in Grants Pass.


Thanks so much Calleen and Jon for the great RV parking spot. It was a fun time.


Heading to Redding California today.  Goodbye Oregon.





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14 Responses to Oregon

  1. 2akwileys says:

    Hi there. Just us in Bandon. We are so happy to watch you on your retirement journey. Thanks for sharing..

  2. 2akwileys says:

    Sorry. The email should be. akwileys2@yahoo.com

  3. melvin kirkwood says:

    Thanks for sharing in your journeys, I hope one day we can meet and catch up on all our present and past missed times together. Sure good to see Dax and his honey, what a bull carrying that unit up the ladder! Miss you guys, hope to see you both soon.

  4. john morris says:

    Hey you guys. Looks like a wonderful trip to see family. It’s amazing how much Dax looks like Dean, he and his wife look very happy. The photo of you with your Mom and Dad is great, not too many years past Columbus! Great to read about your exploits. John

  5. LeRoy & Carol says:

    Sorry we missed you in Oregon, we left the 30th and are in Yuma now. If you get down this way give us a ring, you know your always welcome. LeRoy & Carol

  6. Rod and Paige says:

    Great seeing you guys again.

  7. Robin says:

    Looks like loads of fun. Love Dax and Monique….beautiful flowers, fond memories, great friends. Not to mention some hard work. Looks like a successful productive trip. I love you guys and miss much.

  8. Madhu says:

    Sorry I am late in commenting. As always beautiful snaps with appropriate comments. Love you guys. We all are aging but you both doing it gracefully. Stay in touch.

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