Arizona Winter

Monday 28th February, 2022

Crikey it’s already Springtime down south. We had a quiet winter in Phoenix. Played plenty of Pickleball and hiked and biked around the area a few times. There were a few rainy days in January and after a downpour we noticed this rock had sprouted a mossy coat.

Even a few flowers popped up but then everything dried up again.

We both had a little touch of Omicron in January as did many of our Pickleball buddies. It knocked us down for a couple of weeks but then we bounced back. I think we might be immuned up for a bit now. We have been vaxxed, boosted, flued and Omicroned.

Dean was able to transform this Agave into a great walking stick for me.

After Dean’s talented woodburning my stick was ready for Rose bling. A bit of glitter, paint and varnish and now I’m all set for hiking deserts and mountains.

It worked like a charm on this hike.

We were craving more smoked salmon and the local store had some wild caught sockeye on sale. Time to find a cardboard box.

Very conveniently the next door neighbors had an appliance delivered and we were able to recycle their cardboard. Now we are set for a couple of months at least.

We met with our good friends Stuart and Leslie in Lake Havasu for a few days. We had a good time biking all over town. The electric bikes sure make all those hills a piece of cake.

Lake Havasu bought an old bridge from England in 1968. It used to span the river Thames but now spans a canal in town and is a popular tourist attraction.

I have never seen so many love locks. These suckers were crammed on every available spot.

An afternoon walk along the canal was interesting. There were so many fancy powerboats. You could rent the floating Tiki bar and cruise down the canal. It was definitely a party town on the weekend we were there.

The weekend finished with a pretty nice firework show.

Stuart found a UFO for us to explore.

It is a museum dedicated to to the alleged crash of a flying saucer in 1953. I especially liked the Covid sign.

Leslie looked right at home next to Mr. Alien.

There are always plenty of old vehicles in the desert.

This Ford was getting a fill up.

After moving down to Yuma we had our dental checkups across the border. It’s great to have friends with full hookups.

Thanks Peggy for letting us stay in your luxury camping spot.

Onwards to Indio for March. I am looking forward to seeing the slots again.

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12 Responses to Arizona Winter

  1. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Wow, what a great tour! Rose you sure know how to create a super nice walking stick. It looks like we sure missed a good time in the Great state of Arizona. It’s good to have friends to share in your likes and travels with. We still look for a time we can get together. Keep sharing your travels we enjoy so much! M&M

    • I’m loving that stick so far. Just not gotta fall on like I did the last one. The agave are strong up and down but a bit weak if you try to snap in half. Dean has already started wood burning some bling for his new stick.

  2. Janell Wheelock says:

    Hello there!

    Rose and Dean, we love all your old cars! Love your adventures! Live those walking sticks!!!

    We r doing so well here despite a wet season this summer. Putting in a pool in few months. Hope you will visit one day!

    Kevin signed up to volunteer at the Koala Hospital, I take mat Pilates, and I take a U3A class in philosophy—this term: the meaning of life! We have nice friends and neighbors you will meet!

    Take good care. Didn’t realize you both had gotten so sick but glad you got passed it. ❤️🥂Janell and Kevin

    Sent from my iPhone


    • It sounds like you have become true Aussies. Our idea of studying philosophy is travelling as much as we can and trying not to drive each other too crazy.
      We sure would love to see you guys sometime. I would really love to visit Australia before I croak, especially since I was going to emigrate there when I was 16.
      Take both.

  3. Jon and Calleen-Oregon says:

    nice walking stick!!!

  4. Merlene says:

    Love the walking stick!!
    Where do you keep all the Salmon?
    Love your adventures! Of course Ronnie likes the old cars!
    Thanks for sharing all this good stuff!!
    Love you!!

  5. Peggy Hanson says:

    Thanks for stopping for a visit. Enjoyed you two so much and All the food preparation!! Delicious …Make this a yearly stop. Always welcomed. Hugs ❤️🍷🍷🍷! Peg

  6. Gina Gluth says:

    Rose and Dean it’s been lovely reading your Blog. We are just sitting in the lounge of Sydney airport waiting for our flight to Abu Dhabi then home to Manchester. We have had an eventful trip to Australia this time. I’m going to write you an email and let you know what has been happening to the Gluths in Oz and the Gluths back in Manchester. Hope Daxand Jay are well and can see that you both are. We are well, will write in length when I’ve settled back home. Love you all xxxGina and Eric

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